New Dyson PH04 humidifier – air purifier

The Dyson PH04 air purifier not only cleans and humidifies the air, it also uses ultra-violet-C UV-C ray water treatment technology and silver filaments in the evaporator. It destroys 99.9% of the bacteria in the water and suppresses their growth.

Dyson PH04

Destroys formaldehyde

The new Dyson PH04 Humidifier-Cleaner has a solid-state sensor that detects formaldehyde, a potentially dangerous pollutant. It selectively monitors formaldehyde without reacting to other gases, which a separate VOC sensor detects.

This colorless, gaseous pollutant is emitted by furniture and wood products with formaldehyde resins such as plywood, chipboard and fiberboard , insulation materials, as well as repair and cleaning products such as paints, wallpaper, varnishes and cleaners. Formaldehyde particles, which are 500,000 times smaller than the thickness of a human hair, are especially difficult to trap. And if they go undetected, humans are exposed to them longer because suspended chemicals are released continuously – a process known as gassing. This is particularly problematic in modern homes with fairly high levels of airtightness, where contaminants can be trapped without being able to escape.

Alex Knox, Dyson’s vice president of climate technology, noted:

“Because of its gaseous aggregate state, formaldehyde can accumulate in the home and remain undetected for years. In addition, humidifiers that do not treat the water properly are capable of releasing droplets of contaminated moisture into the air. The company


developed a device that solves both problems: it captures and continuously destroys formaldehyde while hygienically humidifying the air and making it cleaner”.

Selective Catalytic Oxidation SCO filter continuously breaks down formaldehyde at the molecular level. It’s made from a material with a unique structure and the same structure as the mineral cryptomelane. It has billions of atom diameter tunnels that are optimally sized and shaped to trap and break down formaldehyde, separating it into small amounts of water and carbon dioxide. The coating is then regenerated by oxygen from the air to continue the continuous destruction of formaldehyde without needing to be replaced.

Dyson PH04

Humidifies and cleans the air

The Dyson PH04 has a HEPA13 sealed filtration system. Not just preventing contaminated air from bypassing the filters, but eliminating any potential for leakage back into the room.

The Dyson PH04 humidifier captures 99.95% of particles as small as 0.1 micron, including allergens, bacteria, viruses, pollen and mould spores.

The HEPA filter system is a revolutionary new technology for which an international standard test method has not yet been established. Dyson pioneered filtration performance testing that takes into account both the performance of the built-in filters and the unit’s sealing.

Dyson engineers developed a highly reflective fluoroplastic tube. It reflects UV-C rays along its entire length, exposing bacteria to multiple exposures, ensuring they are killed. Interlaced silver filaments in the evaporator, thanks to their biostatic properties, prevent the growth of bacteria. In this unit, a stream of humidified air is passed through the Dyson 360° filters to clean. The result is hygienic humidification for up to 36 hours. The 5-liter reservoir makes this process continuous, without the need for regular addition of water.

Dyson PH04 Humidifier

Caring for the Dyson PH04

For easy and convenient device maintenance, Dyson has developed the deep cleaning cycle. When cleaning is required, the deep cleaning cycle button lights up and the LCD display shows user instructions.

Dyson PH04 air purifier

Warranty: The Dyson PH04 is covered by an additional one-year warranty when you register it online. Total warranty period is 3 years.

Price and availability: the Dyson PH04 humidifier-purifier is available for purchase at shop.dyson website and in Dyson Demo brand stores for 69,990 Dollars.

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