New Dell Precision Workstations

Dell Technologies introduces new mobile workstations with the latest processors, next-generation graphics, new display options and extended battery life. New additions give customers the ability to work and create wherever they are.

Dell Precision 7740

These powerful systems are fully equipped to handle the most demanding workloads requiring large amounts of data processing or sophisticated graphics, whether you’re working on the next healthcare breakthrough or editing a blockbuster film.

Dell Technologies has also updated its Precision 3000 series floor-standing workstations and the Precision 1U rack-mount workstation, which offer outstanding performance and availability in a small and compact form factor.


The Precision 7740 can have the processing power of a desktop workstation, and the line has also acquired the latest 8-core Intel Xeon E processors and 9th generation Intel Core processors. The 7740 comes with 128GB of ECC RAM and a high-capacity PCIe SSD up to 8TB . The latest NVIDIA Quadro RTX graphics provide real-time ray tracing with AI-powered graphics acceleration. Options include next-generation AMD Radeon Pro graphics card. Available in a variety of display options, including the new 17.3-inch UltraSharp UHD IGZO display with 100% Adobe color gamut.

4. Dell Precision rackmount workstations offer secure remote access to applications and help keep intellectual property in a secure data center.

Offices with limited space can also benefit from workstation relocation in the data center.

The Dell Precision 3930 rack-mountable model is a great solution for customers working in complex application environments such as interactive design and workloads for analyzing large data sets.


The world’s most powerful rackmount 1U workstation delivers high scalability in a compact form factor at an affordable price. Now equipped with Intel Xeon E or 9th generation Intel Core processors, offers up to 128GB of RAM and a 295W NVIDIA Quadro or AMD Radeon Pro dual-width professional graphics card.

5. Next-generation Dell Precision 3630 and 3431 workstations optimize workspace without compromising functionality.


These floor-standing systems accelerate workflows and reduce response times with up to 128GB or 64GB of ECC or non-ECC memory, respectively. Both versions offer scalable storage options ideal for growing businesses or those who need to expand their technology solutions over time. Precision 3630 workstation offers up to 16GB of video memory with Quadro P5000 graphics.


AMD Radeon Pro WX7100 graphics card is also available to users. Featuring Dell Reliable Memory Technology RMT and ISV certifications, the floor-standing workstations are designed with fail-safe and software investment protection in mind.

See Precision page for details.


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    What are the key features and specifications of the new Dell Precision Workstations? How do they compare to previous models? Are there any major improvements or advancements in terms of performance, graphics, and overall functionality?

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