New Dell Precision workstations deliver intelligent peusaormance for the most demanding applications

Dell Technologies introduces new mobile workstations featuring the latest processors, next-generation graphics, new display options and extended battery life. Innovation gives customers the opportunity to work and create wherever they are. Designed for creative, innovative people who demand the highest performance and reliability, these powerful systems are fully equipped to handle the most demanding data-intensive or graphics-intensive workloads, whether you’re working on the next breakthrough in healthcare or editing a blockbuster movie.


Precision 3000

Dell Technologies has also upgraded its Precision 3000 series floor-standing workstations and Precision 1U rack-mount workstation, which offer outstanding performance and availability in a small, compact form factor.

Users can also rest assured that no matter the workload, their applications will run smoothly. All Dell Precision workstations are certified by independent software vendors ISVs and feature Dell Precision Optimizer software, an intelligent solution that automatically adjusts system settings to get optimal workstation performance for faster, more efficient operations.

“The Precision line of workstations is all about creativity and working without limits. Today’s users are more mobile than ever before, and our customers are choosing Dell workstations to maximize the performance of their mission-critical workflows no matter where their employees work,” notes Tom Tobul, vice president and general manager of Dell Commercial Products. – Incorporating the latest components and intelligent features such as Dell Precision Optimizer, our new workstations are built for power users to innovate and be creative.”.

Create innovative content, process data and push the boundaries of what’s possible

The sleek design of the new 5000 and 7000 series mobile workstations allows users who need a powerful solution without sacrificing mobility to create content and process data on-the-go. The combination of extreme battery life, powerful processor configurations and high-capacity storage options means users can stay connected and work on their mission-critical projects wherever they are. When users leave their desks, there’s no longer any fear of performance degradation.


Precision 5540

The slimmest and lightest 15-inch Dell Precision 5540 mobile workstation weighs 1.77 pounds and features Intel Xeon E processors or the eight-core 9th generation Intel Core processors. NVIDIA Quadro T2000 4GB GPU for professional graphics.

The Precision 5540 has a sleek design that packs a 15.6″ InfinityEdge display into a 14″ chassisi, and the 4TB of storage and up to 64GB of RAMii mean you can quickly and easily process and store large 3D images, video and multimedia files. Editors, designers and photographers, for whom the finest picture detail is important, will also benefit from impressive contrast ratios, touch capabilities and UHD image quality, display support of 100% Adobe color gamut or the new DCI-P3 100% color gamut OLED display.

The older model, the Dell Precision 7540 mobile workstation, is Dell’s most powerful 15-inch mobile workstation. It features a variety of 15.6-inch displays, including a UHD HDR 400 display, and supports resolutions up to 8K and HDR content through a single Display Port 1.4.

Despite its seemingly compact form factor, this device is Dell’s smallest mobile workstation to support virtual reality VR applications and artificial intelligence tasks. It delivers the performance needed for the most demanding workloads. Designed for users with huge amounts of data and content to process, the Precision 7540 is able to speed up “heavy” workloads by equipping with up to 3200 MHz SuperSpeed RAM or an impressive 128 GB of ECC memory at 2666 MHz.


Precision 7740

For customers whose work requires even more immersion, Dell Technologies offers the new Dell Precision 7740 workstation with a 17.3-inch screen. This is Dell’s most powerful scalable mobile workstation, built with high quality materials and professional components, available in superior aluminum or carbon fiber Titan Grey finishes. Support for virtual reality and artificial intelligence tasks to help users bring their most complex and graphic-intensive ideas to life, whether it’s a bold architectural design or an automobile of the future. The Precision 7740 workstation will allow users to push the boundaries of science and innovation, enabling applications to run efficiently and create new rules of the game in the field of machine learning and AI.

The Precision 7740 can handle the processing power of a desktop workstation, and the line has the latest 8-core Intel Xeon E processors and 9th generation Intel Core processors. 7740 includes 128GB of ECC RAM and a high-capacity PCIe SSD up to 8TB . The latest NVIDIA Quadro RTX graphics provide real-time ray tracing with AI-powered graphics acceleration. Additional options include a next-generation AMD Radeon Pro graphics card. Available in a variety of display options, including the new 17.3-inch UltraSharp UHD IGZO display with 100% Adobe color gamut.

High performance even on limited budgets and space

With growing cybersecurity threats in mind, Dell Precision rackmount workstations offer secure remote access to applications and help keep intellectual property in a secure data center. Offices with limited space can also benefit from moving the workstation to the data center. The Dell Precision 3930 rackmountable is the perfect solution for customers working in complex application environments such as interactive design and workloads that analyze large data sets. The world’s most powerful 1U rackmount workstation offers high scalability in a compact form factor at an affordable price. It is now equipped with Intel Xeon E or Intel Core 9th Generation processors, offers up to 128GB of RAM and a 295W NVIDIA Quadro or AMD Radeon Pro dual-width professional graphics card.


Next generation Dell Precision 3630 and 3431 workstations optimize workspace without compromising functionality. These floor-standing systems accelerate workflows and improve response times with up to 128GB or 64GB of ECC or non-ECC memory, respectively. Both versions offer scalable storage options ideal for growing businesses or for those,

Who needs to expand their technology solutions over time. The Precision 3630 workstation offers up to 16GB of video memory with Quadro P5000 graphics. AMD Radeon Pro WX7100 graphics card is also available to customers. With Dell Reliable Memory Technology RMT and ISV certifications, the floor-standing workstations are engineered to be crash-proof and to protect your software investment.

“With the new Dell Precision mobile workstations, power users are no longer tied to their desktops,” said Bob Pette, vice president of professional visualization at NVIDIA. – With the artificial intelligence and ray tracing capabilities of NVIDIA Quadro RTX GPUs, Precision workstation users can manage the most complex data and demanding graphics workloads from anywhere – for better collaboration, efficiency and creativity.”.

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