New ASUS Reco Smart portable video recorder

ASUS introduces new Reco Smart portable car DVR. What makes this device stand out is that it can be used as a handheld camera – in case you need to leave your car but continue to take pictures. DVR Reco Smart, equipped with a bright lens f/1.8 and a modern matrix from Sony ®, allows you to capture high quality video in Full HD. WDR Wide Dynamic Range feature delivers breathtaking picture quality with excellent details even in low light conditions.


With the help of mobile application ASUS Reco App user can easily connect to a DVR Reco Smart wirelessly and view video in real time, as well as download to your mobile device has already saved.

In case of emergency, the automatic recording protection function and motion sensor extend the functionality of this DVR. All Reco Smart buyers get one year of free ASUS WebStorage, a 500GB online storage service.


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