BERLIN – September 5, 2014-

NETGEAR® NASDAQ: NTGR , a global manufacturer of networking products for individuals, businesses and service providers, is exhibiting at the IFA 2014 Consumer Electronics Show, September 5-10 in Berlin. Visit NETGEAR at booth #106 in Hall 17 of the Messe Berlin to see how NETGEAR is bringing the latest networking products to the connected home.

Computers and peripherals

“The new products we’re showcasing on our stand at IFA are meant to underscore our commitment to offering the customer a choice of the most innovative products with the broadest connectivity and integration options. So no matter where you live, you can find the connectivity options that are right for you with NETGEAR’s product portfolio,” said David Henry, vice president of product management and engineering for NETGEAR’s Retail Business Unit. “Whether it’s the latest WiFi router with 802.11ac or 4G LTE mobile hotspot, our products help connect more and more devices to the Internet, helping make life easier and more enjoyable.”.

More immersive gaming and streaming content

Earlier this week, NETGEAR announced the Nighthawk® X4 AC2350 SmartWiFiRouter(R7500 , the next premium addition to the Nighthawk family of 802.11ac.


At the heart of the router is a dual-core processor clocked at 1.4 GHz. In addition, the device supports a quad-streaming WiFi architecture and dual WiFi bands under the 802.11ac, enabling a router for rich gameplay and active streaming media content. The Nighthawk X4 is capable of achieving overall channel speeds of up to 2.33 Gbps up to 1,733 Mbps in the 5.0 GHz and up to 600 Mbps at 2.4 GHz .

Computers and peripherals

Unique dynamic QoS prioritization of traffic simultaneously takes into account both the “interests” of applications and the “interests” of the hardware, which completes the overall quality experience of the router.


802 technology.11ac Wave 2 is used specifically for high-quality, fast WiFi connections to multiple consumer devices simultaneously. With two USB 3.0 and one eSATA port lets you connect any compatible storage media like portable hard drives and DAS systems to your router.

Upgrade your home network with AC-enabled devices for maximum coverage and connection quality

New USB 3.0 WiFi Adapter NETGEAR AC1200 model A6210 with high-powered antennas allows you to reach speeds up to 3 times faster than USB 2.0. With this device, you can safely start working with the next-generation WiFi standard 802.11ac, which allows you to increase the coverage area and signal quality.

Wireless connection of notebook or desktop PC to 802.11ac network helps to avoid unnecessary delays so called lags when transmitting information, easily use streaming HD services and play resource-intensive online games. Provides you with a reliable, secure, and ultra-fast Internet connection.

Computers & Peripherals

Adapter is compatible with both next-generation WiFi devices and backward compatible with 802 technology-based equipment.11 a/b/g/n. Dual band simultaneous operation for speeds up to 300/867 Mbps.*

Share your mobile Internet connection without burdensome contracts

At IFA 2014 NETGEAR launches AirCard® 785 4GLTE AC785-100EUS mobile hotspot, the world’s first dual band, unlocked 4G LTE mobile hotspot.

The AirCard 785 4G LTE mobile hotspot is ideal for parents, students, travelers, renters, home workers, small businesses, temporary workplaces, and any other situation where broadband access may be severely limited.


With the AirCard 785, you can connect up to 15 laptops, tablets, smartphones, digital cameras, game consoles, or other WiFi devices that easily and securely connect to the built-in 802 wireless access point.11b/g/n. NETGEAR AirCard 785 is not bound to a specific service plan of a specific telecom operator.

With this device you are free to choose any operator, service provider and tariff plan anywhere in Europe or Asia. You can also voluntarily change your provider or data plan to any other without the unpleasant consequences of canceling your long-term contract.


As an accessory to the AirCard 785, we introduced a new 4G LTE Boosting Cradle with Ethernet DC113A model which allows you to use the AirCard 785 as a separate home WiFi router and provide primary Internet connectivity to all devices in your household.

Gigabit Ethernet port mediates high-speed Internet through a mobile hotspot for desktops, laptops, printers, media servers, NAS devices and any other Ethernet-enabled gadgets.

A combination of mobile hotspot AirCard 785 and the new docking station can also be connected to the main home router if any through the Ethernet port, thus combining the capabilities of the “central” Internet channel and the spare via 4G LTE modem mobile hotspot .Bracket has two built-in MIMO antennas and two connectors for connecting additional external antennas.

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