Neoline X-COP 9200 – the world’s first patch-hybrid with a long-range module

Neoline, the developer and manufacturer of a wide range of innovative in-car electronics, introduces the new X-COP 9200, an ultra-compact hybrid that combines a flat patch antenna and an ultra-sensitive EXD module for maximum precision and early detection of all types of radars.


Discreet installation.

Neoline developers managed to achieve maximum compactness of the device due to the use of a flat patch antenna instead of the usual horn. Hybrid X-COP 9200 is installed on the windshield behind the rearview mirror and will not attract unnecessary attention from the outside. The power cable plugs directly into the magnetic mount with active charging. Such a solution is most convenient for daily removal and installation of the device.

Capture quality.

Super-powerful Ambarella A12 processor allows you to record in Super HD 2304×1296 resolution at 30 fps. With its high light sensitivity OmniVision Sensor and 6 Wide Angle Glass Lens optics, it offers flagship quality in day and night recording. The included CPL-filter effectively eliminates glare from the sun and reflection of the car’s panel from the windshield. Wide 135 degree view angle captures up to 5 lanes of road and shoulder.

For maximum detail in the dark areas of the road Neoline developers have significantly refined the unique night mode, automatically changing the settings and increasing light sensitivity. This mode is activated automatically, just set the time in the settings menu.

The bright IPS display shows all the information you need about the type of radar, distance to the next GPS point, type and strength of the incoming signal, current speed and much more.

All recordings are stored on microSD card up to 256GB memory card can be used. The hybrid is equipped with two slots for memory cards, in case of an accident its owner can easily copy the clip from one card to another and create a backup of important video.


Radar Module.

Neoline X-COP 9200 – the world’s first hybrid, which successfully combined the patch antenna and long-range EXD-module. The device shows special efficiency in turbo mode, the camera detection range grows by an average of 130% compared to conventional radar detectors and hybrids. Such decision makes the device more effective against radars aimed to the back and also against low-power radars such as Scat, Oskon, Kordon and others. Depending on the speed of the car the device can automatically switch to “Turbo” from any mode.

The hybrid has an intelligent system of instant and average speed camera detection. This type of camera not only captures the average speed in the controlled area of the road, but also the current speed of the vehicle at the moment of entry and exit of the controlled area by the radio unit.

Digital signal processing allows you to more accurately determine the frequency and structure of the incoming signal, which greatly increases the efficiency and range of detection of police systems and the accuracy of false signals detection.

Module GPS GLONASS built directly into the magnetic mount, along with support for two satellite systems, this allows you to find satellites faster and more reliably hold the connection with them. The hybrid will determine the position of the car as precisely as possible and warn about all stationary control devices. In addition to speed cameras, X-COP 9200 alerts you of the approach to the control cameras of intersections and traffic lights, crosswalks, the nearest road police stations. GPS database is continuously updated with over a hundred thousand radar and camera information from around the world. Updates are available weekly on the manufacturer’s website. If desired, the user can manually add dangerous zones and zones of silence, which will not be removed even after reflashing the device.

For cars with athermal windows you can connect external GPS antenna.


Z-signatures filter.

Neoline’s own Z-signature filter is used for almost complete elimination of false positives, especially from other vehicles’ blind spot sensors. Its significant difference from similar technologies of other manufacturers is that there is no false blocking of signals of real police radars. For the first time in Neoline hybrids the option to disable the filter is available – just press the 2 right buttons on the housing simultaneously.

Disabling radar module.

Neoline X-COP 9200 has highly effective protection against RDD devices Spectre 4 and Spectre Elite, designed to detect radar detectors and widely spread in Europe.

At the same time the developers took into account the peculiarities of the legislation of different countries: the radar unit can be easily disabled by a simple hand movement and the device will continue to operate as a GPS-informator.

Motion Control.

Sound and voice warning can be turned off by original Motion Control technology. The user only needs to hold a hand in front of the hybrid screen. The device will turn off sound and turn on only in 6 seconds after the end of the alert.


Branded parking mode.

Featuring Neoline’s proprietary parking mode, the device automatically activates recording both when motion is detected in the frame and upon impact. The owner of the device can be sure – in his absence, the hybrid will record any incident and keep the footage from being overwritten.

Expanded delivery set.

In addition to the device itself in the kit X-COP 9200 includes a power cable into the car socket, a spare 3M scotch, as well as a premium case, which is very convenient to store the device. The Neoline X-COP 9200 Hybrid is already available in the official online store.neoline at a price of 22,990 Dollars.

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