Neoline announces the launch of its revolutionary G-Tech X7x range

Company Neoline, a developer and manufacturer of a wide range of in-car electronics, launches a revolutionary line of G-Tech X7x, which sets new standards in the segment of low-cost DVRs. This family of devices features an increased level of reliability, functionality and ergonomics. By choosing a model of this series, the user will get the capabilities that were previously available only to owners of DVRs in the premium segment.


For maximum detail in the dark sections of the road Neoline developers have implemented in the model a unique night mode with the ability to automatically activate when ambient light changes. The algorithm in G-Tech X72 allows the device to change the color of the picture, due to which in low light conditions the amount of noise is reduced and the detail in the video is increased.

A wide range of parking mode settings and voice notifications provide the G-Tech X72 owner with the most complete evidence base in case of an accident during parking and guarantee convenient operation. Mode is easy to activate by pressing a hotkey, while the device remains completely unnoticeable from the outside, because all the lights, both the display and LED, go out, so you can safely leave the device in the cabin. Upgraded software allows the user to select the resolution of the shooting or set the duration of parking mode to prevent the discharge of the car battery.


The developers have provided 10 levels of sensitivity of the G-sensor, which makes the device the best choice for use in all regions, regardless of the level of road surface. The DVR will register absolutely everything that happens during the motion, as well as in the case of even the slightest impact during the parking. The interval shooting function allows you to view 2 to 15 minutes of real time in a 30-second clip, which greatly saves memory card space. And in the trigger mode, the user can set the sensor by which the recording is activated. For the first time on the market, the user will receive a five-times audible warning if files have been recorded before the mode is deactivated. For convenient operation, exit parking mode by pressing any key.

The DVR is great for use in different latitudes, the use of a capacitor instead of a conventional battery makes the device resistant to extreme temperatures and greatly extends its life. Thanks to the capacitor the user will not face such problems as overheating and loss of battery power in the cold or loss of the latest video files.

Built-in stop recording notification system will notify you if the memory card is missing or damaged with an audible beep. Thus the driver is insured against the situation when in case of automatic screen turning off he doesn’t receive timely notification that the device, for example, stops seeing the memory card and the video recording is not performed, and in case of an accident he is not actually protected.


Price and availability

The Neoline G-Tech X72 Video Recorder is already available at the official online store.Neoline at a price of 5 990 Dollars.

Main Features

Camera resolution

Full HD Max 1920×1080 30 fps  

             With higher bit rate 

Full HD Eco 1920×1080 30fps  

             With Standard Bitrate 

HD 60fps 1280×720 60fps  

HD 30fps 1280×720 30 fps  

VGA 640×480 30 fps



Viewing angle


Screen size

2-inch, IPS

Built-in supercapacitor


Anti-reflective CPL-filter


Video Recording Format


Built-in microphone/speaker


WDR function




Parking mode


Night shooting mode


Loop recording

1/2/3/5 min

Continuous recording


Auto power on


Date/Time stamp


State Stamp.numbers



8GB – 128GB Class 10

Storage temperature

-20˚ to +70˚

Operating Temperature

-10˚ to +60˚

Input Voltage

DC 5V, 1.5A

Input Voltage of Charger

DC 12-24V


74 x 42 x 34.5 mm


87 g

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  1. Teagan

    This sounds interesting! Can you please provide more information about the features and specifications of the G-Tech X7x range? How does it differ from other products in the market? And when will it be available for purchase?

  2. Sage

    What makes the G-Tech X7x range from Neoline revolutionary and how does it differ from other products on the market?

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