NEC unveils world’s first movie projector with interchangeable laser module at CinemaCon in Las Vegas

NEC Display Solutions has announced the world’s first cinema projector consisting of a laser module and a projector head.The NEC NC2402ML uses a modular approach, which allows movie theaters to connect the appropriate light source module depending on the brightness level they require. This is crucial to adapt the projectors to the size of the screen, ensuring that even the largest auditoriums can deploy the projector. New modular system – best choice for venues requiring flexibility in light source selection.


The NC2402ML consists of the NEC NP-02HD projector head and a modular light source. Interchangeable modules are capable of 24,000 lumens, 20,000 lumens and 18,000 lumens. By integrating all of these components in one solution, the desired light output can be quickly and easily achieved for different needs and screen sizes. The new cinema projector uses RB-laser technology for a sharp image with practically no speckle grain structure , combining all the advantages of RGB-laser technology with low operating costs. In fact, cinemas can save even more money because the NC2402ML can use lenses from the NEC NC2000 series model.

“The new NC2402ML is designed to keep costs down while providing high functionality and unparalleled versatility. The new projector can be used anywhere and is easily adaptable to different screen sizes, brightness requirements and applications. This means venues can expand their audiences beyond the theater, such as providing the ability to view alternative content during corporate presentations, gaming events and more. Meanwhile, they can also take advantage of other options that allow businesses to rent a simpler solution and only pay for brightness,” said Gerd Kaiser, Senior Manager, Large Venue and Digital Theater Product Line at NEC Display Solutions Europe.

Other benefits of the NC2402ML projector:

– Virtually maintenance free. No lamps – no filter replacement and maintenance costs. No need for replacement lamps thanks to the innovative Laser Light technology.

– Low total cost of ownership. The model is characterized by high reliability, maintenance-free operation, low operating costs and unparalleled usability

Up to 30,000 hours power consumption and lifetime. Laser Light source significantly reduces total cost of ownership.

– The sealed optical mechanism minimizes dust and smoke ingress, ensuring stable performance and requiring no special maintenance.

– Lots of built in features. The projector features a built-in 2TB server, dual 3G SDI interfaces, HDMI interface, advanced networking and built-in GPIO features and NAS support.

The new NEC NC2402ML cinema projector shown at CinemaCon in Las Vegas will go on sale with a 24,000-lumen module in August 2019, and models with 20,000 and 18,000-lumen modules will be available soon.

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