Mythical speed: The new Predator XB253QGP gaming monitor is on the market

Acer releases Predator XB253QGP monitor from XB3 family. The novelty is designed for gamers who demand not only high image quality, but also excellent refresh rate and response time – in this model they are 144 Hz and up to 0.9 ms GtG. The Predator XB253QGP also features NVIDIA® G-SYNC™ and VESA DisplayHDR™ 400 for maximum detail and smooth frame rates.


Modern design and quality image

Predator XB253QGP – is a classic representative of the gaming monitors Predator. The slim bezel lets you immerse yourself in your favorite games and entertainment, and the Predator logo on the top of the ergonomically designed stand is reminiscent of a giant bird’s claw. Beyond its sleek form, the Transformer Book T300 boasts a variety of other customization options, including elevating your monitor screen above your desk, rotating it, tilting it, and even placing it in portrait mode. So you will have a better posture and stay comfortable in front of the monitor even during long gaming sessions.

An advanced IPS matrix is responsible for the image in this monitor, which features wide viewing angles up to 178 ° and supports Full HD resolution 1920 x 1080 . The 24.5-inch screen offers a brilliant picture quality with VESA Certified DisplayHDRTM 400 support – 400 nits maximum brightness and high contrast, which the Predator XB253QGP automatically adjusts to the light in the picture, ensuring that even in the darkest or brightest areas you can see all the details. There’s also high-quality color reproduction with up to 99% sRGB gamut.


Speed and modern technology

Fast response time is the key to winning in today’s competitive shooters and racing simulators, which is why minimal response time and high refresh rates have become an important requirement for gaming monitors. Support for NVIDIA® G-SYNCTM technology enables synchronized refresh rates for the monitor and graphics card: images on the screen will refresh as smoothly as possible without tearing or distortion, even during an action-packed action movie or intense gunfight in your favorite shooter. At the same time, a screen refresh rate of 144 Hz and a response time of only 0.9 ms overclocked ensure the fastest possible response to any commands and blur-free viewing.

Also for gamers, the model is equipped with support for GameView, which allows you to store up to three separate picture settings presets for different game genres and adjust the contrast of the picture in dark areas with DarkBoost mode.

To take care of gamers’ eyesight the monitor was equipped with Acer EyeProtect set of solutions. The Blue-light filter technology reduces screen flicker, while the ComfyView anti-reflective technology and Low-dimming adaptive backlighting reduces brightness by up to 15% in low-light conditions to help reduce strain on the eyesight.

To connect to a modern gaming PC the novelty is equipped with 2 HDMI ports and DisplayPort. Also on the monitor is a hub with 4 USB 3 connectors.0 for connecting external devices.

Price and availability

The Predator XB253QGP monitor

The full name of the model is


Already on sale from 29 990 Dollars.

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  1. Marigold

    This sounds amazing! Can you please provide more information about the refresh rate, resolution, and any unique features that set the Predator XB253QGP apart from other gaming monitors in the market?

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