MyST PortaDAC 1862 review: DAC as the highest stage of capitalism

Spring is sprung! If only the rate would not jump up again, and my spouse was listening to the music together with me, zmyrvuschiyasya from the spring sunshine. With the warm days arrived at my address the latest devices MyST. And again I was “nailed”, well, can’t tear myself away, rockers – live, like in the palm of my hand, a total buzz..

Digital-to-analog converters

For starters I really enjoyed listening to MyST PortaDAC 1862 – this is the hero of today’s review, a portable DAC based on multibit chip from Analog Devices, AD1862 R-2R . By the way, I’ve already written about MyST portable audio – OrtoPhones and IzoPhones-30 – remember? You can go through the links and remember . Next in line is another new product – IzoPhones-60! I anticipate real pleasure, as behind MyST there are some crazy guys, who break stereotypes and deliver to us, crazy as well, the best that is in the world of sound and music. And all this is done on our land not to be confused with import substitution .

Thanks to Mycroft and Roman Zaitsev personally for providing us with equipment for testing.

Digital to Analogue Converters

MyST PortaDAC 1862 – the device is quite compact: size 180 * 85 * 40 mm almost like Anna Chapman – 90-60-90 . Inside are two 18650 batteries one per channel , providing high quality and extra power filtering against mains noise. The unit has excellent transient characteristics, to put it simply – excellent resolution, detail and attack response.

On the rear panel of the MyST PortaDAC 1862 are almost all digital inputs, Coax up to 24/192 , USB up to 16/48 , Opt up to 24/96 , and even HDMI up to 24/192 ! Charging and power via 5v 1A AC adapter. Two variants of line output: on the back panel 3,5 m and on the front panel 2 RCA, will allow to connect two amplifiers to DAC.

Audio equipment

On the front panel are the power key, the button to switch digital inputs, which is illuminated by red LEDs, the battery level is indicated by green LEDs. Here is the line output… Though ascetic in appearance, the device is very nicely made. The build quality is excellent: not a single backlash and clearance, all done to perfection – takes pride, my ass!!


Playback frequency range10-20000 Hz
Signal to noise ratio120 dB
Harmonic Distortion0.0014 %
Dynamic range110 dB
Mutual channel penetration82 dB
DACAD1862 R-2R NOS no oversampling!
Digital inputsCoax up to 24/192 , USD up to 16/48 , Opt up to 24/96 , HDMI up to 24/192
Analog outputs2*RCA L/R 3.5mm jack
Dimensions 180*85*40mm



If the device is not just good but unique, listening to it tugs at the innermost strings of the soul is an unusual pleasure, but describing such a pleasure is difficult. But I’ll try to do it honestly.

To fulfill its promise, the music was listened to by a sea of ethereal. No genre preferences found on PortaDAC 1862. It handles any material with flying colors! So, where to start… Okay, let’s improvise.

Let’s take Iggy Pop – “Post Pop Depression” &lsquo 2016, OMD – “English Electric” &lsquo 2013, Bryan Ferry – “Boys And Girls” &lsquo 1985, or rather, one track from each, and try to “dance” around what we hear. At the same time let’s pay tribute to the musicians by playing the strings with them and listening to them on the new Mistas – a combination of DAC MyST PortaDAC 1862 + amplifier MyST PortAMP-II + headphones MyST Izophones-60.

Digital to analog converters

Iggy Pop – “break in to your heart”.

Very good transfer of the atmosphere of the “garage” sound. Each sound is transmitted extremely clearly. Furled guitars sound amazing. The middle just blows your mind. You feel it with all your soul, how plectrum touches the strings, how your fingers slip over the pads. The bass stands apart, but at the same time clearly cooperates with guitars and drums, keeping a harmonious rhythm. Each blow on his strings, each measure leads the listener to sway. “Thuuum, thum, dum…”. There is not the slightest hint of humming or muttering, everything is very clear and maximally readable. The sound has a great weight, and you feel it with your whole body – “give way!!!”.

The beats of the drum kit are precise and technical. Here they do not press the listener, but precisely hit the target. Where the crackle resonates, we hear it clearly, where the hi-hat opens and closes, we hear a precise “hiss,” not a hiss and a scattering of sand.

Iggy Pop’s vocals are distant at the beginning of the song and come from deep in the virtual space, with reverb in short. Then comes close, levels out, and in the chorus goes away again. Every word, every sigh, the vibration of the voice is rendered as natural and dickish as possible.

Digital-to-analog converters

Old-school “synthy” Brits. OMD – “Metroland”, in!

Very beautiful composition. Here we get into the future, which astonishes the listener with its clarity, mad technique and accuracy. Each sound extracted from the synthesizer is like an ice cube or crystal in a perfect cut, which beautifully shimmers with cool colors across the room.

Andy McCluskey’s velvet male vocals are just as clean and a little cool. Background female backing vocals are like a fresh morning breeze, drifting back and forth. The punch is tight, punchy, crushing you into your seat. It’s accurate and massive, but without the slightest hint of hum or blurriness. All information consists of several layers.

In general, here we have the top of technique and futurism.

Digital-to-analog converters

BryanFerry – “Valentine”

Charm, bohemianism, sophistication, love and beauty, this is what we hear, feel and see here. The “reggae” rhythm, the guitar “picking-soloing”, the ahi-sighs, the sweet girlish “ooh, la-la, ooh, la-la…”, and of course, Brian Ferry’s mesmerizing velvet vocals will blow your mind. It all carries you away in a jiffy, makes your head spin, and brings you down on your shoulder at the end of it all.

The treble is crisp, every “thud”, every bell, every sound is precise and well delineated in space. Middle frequencies envelop and mesmerize with their black-red-gold colors. The guitar solo is intoxicating in its sound. The vocal parts are full of charm and mystery. Here they sound unhurried, gentle and effortless. Well, it’s beautiful, it’s just amazing. The bass is muscular, it just walks over the body and gives the overall picture of fullness and fatness. Percussion is played with great detail and clarity. Every blow, strong or weak, is clearly distinguishable and accurate.

Digital-to-analog converters

The bottom line

The tweeter is accurate, smooth, natural, well-assembled, technical, a little cool.

The midrange is very technical, fast, detailed, and depending on the composition, but a little bit cool. Each instrument is reproduced as faithfully as possible.

The bass is fast, resilient, with a powerful, accurate punch and clearly distinguishable force.

The overall supply MyST PortaDAC 1862 multi-level. The sound is “big,” mature, clean, timbre-rich, a little degreased, and very technical. The DAC is amazing in terms of speed and attack. Every pinch, every punch, they’re working it out.

The device is absolutely neutral, but at the same time not the slightest bit boring, even on the contrary. It has no genre preferences, it plays any music material to the fullest! Seriously, it’s so cool it’s hard to put it into words. Of course, a lot more depends on the amp and headphones. But in my “set”, it sounds exactly like this.


Awesome DAC. The guys once again proved that it is possible to make a great technique at a reasonable price. It has virtually no analogues in the world. Well for its price is certainly not. The price of MyST PortaDAC 1862 in our online store is about 59 000 Dollars. Which is more than humane for equipment of this level.


The sound, build quality, price.



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