MyST Nail 2 in-ear headphones: comes without the ensemble, but with immersive great love. To music

If you wish to drown, take these “carnations”. It’ll be a total dive. And even if life pushes back, into a succession of everyday life, the full immersion will be repeated again and again and again. Don’t believe it? Try to decorate your ears with two gold “bullets” – in-channel headphones MyST Nail 2. MyST brand is American, I think that very soon you will sing along with me: “Banya, “gvozdik”, accordion and salmon…”

Let’s face it, Nails #2 is one of my favorite headphones of all time. Being kind of the antipode of my beloved Etymotic ER4S, the import-substituting MyST Nail 2 brought a total immersion into my life and sometimes I can’t even dive back into normal life. This buzz, intoxicating and uplifting, can’t be removed, can’t be eclipsed, can’t be forgotten. What a way to hurt yourself..

Well? We dive together? Today we’re listening to MyST Nail 2.

Thank you online store for providing a sample for listening

Audio equipment

In-channel headphones

Myst Nail 2

Technical specifications

Type of headphones

Inserted “earplugs”

Transmitter type

Balance armature

Number of drivers


Acoustic design


Type of ear cushions


The diameter of the sound tube


Cable type

MC silver-plated copper

Cable length

1.5 m


3.5 mm


120 Ohm


12 month.

Audio equipment

Looks and ergonomics

Greetings first, greetings second… Remember our recent review MyST Nail 1 – the “carnation” under number one has appeared to us in silver outfit. “Nail” #2 – looks almost the same: design, ergonomics, set. It’s the same “bullet”, a shell, a nail, but it is perceived differently, as a Hi Fi girl – with attractive ardor and fire..

Almost all of the MyST in-channel line is made of aluminum. And only “two-six” shines with golden glow in any situation. Never mind the brass inside, the main thing is how it is seen from the outside. At least while you look with loving eyes. Believe me, there is a reason to like the “two-ohm”.

And the reason is not that the ears are equipped with a very strong wire, nice as a belt on the waist, made of silver-plated copper and crowned with a Neutrik 3,5 mm jack plug. Of course, and the sound tube is the tenth reason, although it is covered with a mini filter to protect against wax. The character of the “two-shell” you feel as soon as it enters you: the fit is very comfortable, soft and, I would say, tender. As always the MyST ears come “without the band” – without the ear piece and other stuff, but everything can be found on the Mycroft or screw in your. I, by the way, used the earpads from phonak audeo pfe, remember those? A very good combination. If you add a buzz-boy to it, like me, for example, that’s where it all starts…

So, why does “two-soul” have a tendency to drive grown men crazy?




The answer is ingeniously simple: it’s all music’s fault. Listening was conducted on the MyST DAC 1866OCU V.2, Lotoo paw Gold, Sony PCM-D100, Hifiman HM-601, QLS QA-360. With all sources, the headphones played back at the proper level.

The headphones are pretty genre versatile. They are good for classical, jazz, rock, new wave and electronics. But keep in mind that the “two-note” is very demanding to the sound source. The penny canary doesn’t sing bass.

I want to talk about MyST Nail 2 sound for hours, smiling enigmatically. MyST Nail 2 has its own unlike any other musical signature. There are a lot of girls, but not every one of them can strike you deep in the heart… These are the first headphones in my memory based on one armature driver, where there is the “body” and a very powerful, accurate shot that creates the background for a very informative middle and accurate, just a little softened high frequencies.

Love can’t be described with words, just like music can’t be described with words: you just need to love it and listen to it. MyST Nail 2 captivates, hypnotizes and does not strain the audience with its presentation of the material. “You can listen to MyST Nail 2 for twenty-four hours, plunging into the parallel world of the wackiest gamer. There is not a bit of turbidity, rumble, muttering, distortion and other falsehood in this music of love. The sound is sincere, with open soul, very comfortable and very informative. Unique favorite ears!

The “virtual scene” is just as capacious and wide. The musical canvas has a slightly darkened background, which is created by the excellent development and depth of the bass. It draws the main pattern in detail with the midrange. Everything is maximum smoothness, detail and quality. The picture comes out super detailed. The vocal parts are pushed forward a little bit and this gives a note of expression to the composition. High frequencies are a little smoothed, there are not many of them quantitatively, but they are accurate and of high quality. All cymbals and bells are clearly outlined, but they are not accentuated, but kind of finish the overall picture.

About the detail on these ears – a special speech. When you dive into your favorite music with your favorite “two-ear”, you never stop marveling at the smallest details in the sound. Every detail is worked out so that nothing escapes the most sophisticated ears. Best of all, all the sounds have a certain corporeality. They are not frail and skinny – skin and bones, but something relief, brutal, alive… In a word, you dive in and do not come out! A guitar growl to shivers, a precise, penetrating kick, fast 3D bass to the very underbelly, a detailed smooth and very musical middle, calm, yet accurate, treble. This is a real high – my MyST Nail 2!



The bottom line

HF – there is a slight drop in this register. But they are accurate, well defined and very audible.

The midrange is fabulous. Very smooth, detailed, with a little bit of expression through a little “close” vocals.

The bass is great punch, good control and bass depth. Probably the best bass that exists in headphones with a single armature driver.


MyST Nail 2 is simply adorable! Admittedly they are quite demanding in terms of gain. These headphones are more simple in design, but the sound is better than any model with a much higher price tag.

Price in mycroft e-shop.Su for this model is 12,500 Dollars. I think it’s more than appealing.

Sound, genre versatility, convenience.

No accessories.

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