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Bought the cheese enzyme and ready to make homemade mozzarella in the Ariete cheese maker.

arieta mozzarella


To make the mozzarella you need:

2 liters of whole mandatory milk,

50g of natural yogurt,

5 ml of cheese enzyme,

10g salt,

3g citric acid,

lipase for flavor.

For those interested, the price of cheese ferment – 120 Dollars. for 20 ml.


This is one of the most challenging cheese recipes to make in this cheesemaker. It requires both constant presence in the kitchen and occasional active participation in the process.


  1. In a bowl poured the milk, added yogurt, stirred.
  2. In a separate bowl prepared a salt solution: in 1 liter of water dissolved 10 g of salt.
  3. In a measuring jug in 50 g of cold water and dissolved 3 g of citric acid. I added this solution to the bowl of the cheese maker and stirred. I put the cheese container in and closed the lid.
  4. Started the mozzarella program.
  5. I measured 5 ml of rennet in a measuring jug.
  6. After about 20 minutes, the cheesemaker beeped and the cheese enzyme light came on. Opened the lid, started stirring the milk with a spatula, added the enzyme. Turned spatula to the other side to stop the process. Closed the lid, pressed Ok.
  7. The hour-long stage of milk curdling begins.
  8. After an hour, the beep sounded and the indicator light lit up with the Spatula. The recipe says to remove half of the whey. But the cheese part was not separated from the liquid, the mass in the bowl looked like thick yogurt or liquid curd, so I could not separate the whey. I poked the mass with the spatula it had to be cut in 4 cm pieces , closed the lid, pressed Ok.
    Mozzarella in process
  9. After 30 minutes the spatula light came on again. The recipe calls for cutting the cheese clot into small pieces. Opened the lid, cut up the thicker mass with a spatula. Closed the lid, pressed Ok.
  10. After 15 minutes the buzzer went off and the “Arrow Up” light came on. Took out the container, turned it and positioned it over the bowl. Pressed Ok.
  11. After 30 minutes, the beep sounded and the indicator light with the hand. Removed the container with the cheese, carefully poured out of the bowl of whey, poured a liter of water there, closed the lid, pressed Ok.

I’ve gone a little bit out of line with the instructions: I strained the liquid which I poured out of the cheesecloth with a colander, and got quite a lot more cheese mass, a little less than I had left in my cheese basket. I put it in a container.

12. The instructions call for breaking up the cheese mass with your hands, and leaving it in a container. I stirred it vigorously with a spatula. No single mass of cheese, lots of chunks.

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13. Another beep sounded and the hand indicator lit up again. Opened the lid. Lowered the container with the cheese mass twice and lifted it up. Lowered a third time, stirred, lifted. Repeated this several times. Ideally, the mass should reach the texture of bubble gum. It didn’t work that way for me, and every time I put down/remove the container, tiny bits of cheese would “leak” into the bowl.

14. I put on gloves, took the hot cheese out of the container and started to roll it up into a ball, crumple it, roll it up again. Made two big balls.


15. According to the instructions, they should be placed in a liter of water with salt, cooked first. You can even add ice to it.

16. I pressed ok on the cheesecooker and the program was over.


As you can see, there is a lot of fuss. And every time it beeps, I have to look in the manual to see what to do next.

I felt like I was in a pottery class, missing the cap on my head and Severus Snape. A master class by an expert would not be denied.

cut mozzarella

What came out: not perfect mozzarella. The texture on the outside is not as smooth as a store-bought cheese. And you can see and feel the grits. The inside of the cheese is smoother, more dense. It is cut with a sharp knife, it does not crumble. With a tomato and pesto, it’s really good.

This is my first experience with mozzarella. Am I ready to repeat it? Not until I try to make other kinds of cheese. And before my second try I’ll look for a video of the master class to see at what stage you should get.

mozzarella with tomato

I like that the cheesemaker takes the lead – all the steps tell me what to do.

Didn’t like that many pieces of cheese mass remain in the solution. And, makers, but why can’t you take the bowl out of the cheesecloth? Tilting the plugged in device to pour out the whey is no fun.

Previously I made in Ariete cheese maker homemade cheese with greens and ricotta.

Fresh cacciotta is in the plans.

Stay tuned for more information!

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