Moulinex Soup Cooker Overview&Co LM9021BE


Combination of soup and blender functions, manual cooking settings, easy operation, heating, automatic cleaning, ice breaking.

Small appliances for kitchen

Perhaps the next model of soup cooker from Moulinex will be equipped with electronic scales for accurate compliance with recipes.


POWER: Max. 1100 Watt power consumption.

Moulinex Soup&Co LM9021BE

Complete set: plastic and stainless steel body, stainless steel jug with maximum capacity of 2.8 l and a useful

1.8 l capacity, 2-in-1 transparent lid measuring cup, recipe book.

CONTROL: electronic, LCD display temperature setting display from 60 to 100 ° C, timer display from 1 to 59 min, cooking programs display P1, P2, P3 , control panel selection buttons, lighted heating indicator, speeds switch , 5 speed mixing, pulse mode. 3 operating modes: automatic, manual, mixing mode without heating. Indication of incorrect assembly or installation of the bowl.

PACKAGING: 389x258x288 mm.

WEIGHT: 3,9 kg.


WARRANTY: 1 year.

PRICE: 10 999 Dollars.


Moulinex has introduced an appliance to the American market which has no analogues so far: the Soup Cooker. It can easily and quickly prepare up to 6 bowls of soup in just 25-30 minutes. The power also works perfectly as a blender: thick sauces, delicate shakes, pancake batter, baby food, icebreaker – it makes it all in minutes. A soup cooker could be an interesting purchase for those who are making their first steps in the culinary art and have no time for cooking, but still have a desire to eat correctly, tasty, varied and, most importantly, not to eat it dry. With a touch of a button you can select one of the automatic programs, P1 or P2. The first program is designed for soup puree: ingredients are boiled and at the end of cooking, they are automatically crushed into puree. The second program will cook un pureed soups by mixing the chopped ingredients at the end. At the end of the P1 and P2 programs, the soup cooker enters the warming mode and keeps the cooked meal warm for up to 40 minutes, but can be disabled if desired. Light indicator light is lit during cooking and turns off when the temperature inside the bowl falls below 50 ° C. The end of the program is signaled with an acoustic signal. The third program P3 is an automatic mode AutoClean: pour 1 liter of water in the jug with 2-3 drops of detergent and select P3.

And for more experienced cooks or those who prefer to create their own recipes, you can use the manual mode: preset the cooking time and temperature with the plus and minus buttons, select the stirring speed. At the end of the time you will also hear a beep and start heating. By the way, the kit includes a cookbook with 40 recipes for classic and pureed soups.

Designed with safety in mind. If the bowl or lid are installed incorrectly, the corresponding icon will appear on the display and the appliance will not turn on. The jug and lid lock into place, and the inner surface of the jug is labeled with the maximum capacity of 1.8L.

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