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The other day Vivitek officially introduced to the world another promising new member of the Philips family of projectors. Model with index DU6693z has a laser light source with an operating life of 20.This model differs from its predecessors by its fully motorized optics. At the moment this combination can be considered almost unique in the class of office all-in-one devices.

Video equipment

Everything’s great with the rest of the 2018 first model, too: a high contrast rating 10.000:1 and DLP technology allow the device to generate clear and colorful picture when displaying different types of visual content. The manufacturer itself recommends the new product as an inexpensive, convenient and easy-to-maintain solution for medium to large meeting rooms.

The combination of high power, flexible functionality, continuous operation, built-in image correction, and HDBaseT connectivity provides everything you need in a modern office projector – and more! With the DU6693z, you get great picture quality up to 667 inches 16:10 aspect ratio .

Video projectors

Key features of the DU6693z projector:

– Brightness of 7000 lumens, WUXGA resolution and contrast ratio of 10.000:1.

– Laser light source with an operating life of 20.000 hours.

– DLP technology delivers rich, color-rich images.

– Virtually silent operation 32dB and improved heat dissipation.

– Flexibility in use and 8 optional lenses from 0.38:1 up to 8.26:1 .

– Fully motorized lens shift system allows the projector to be moved without the need for subsequent readjustment.

– Easy built-in tools for image optimization and correction.

– HDBaseT technology support guarantees a stable transmission of high quality signal up to 100 meters away.

– Reliable 24/7 operation.

– The ability to control playback and projector settings over a network.

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