Monster at Consumer Electronics & Photo Expo 2013

April 11-14, the Monster company, a world leader in headphones and cable products, took part in the international Consumer Electronics Show “Consumer Electronics & Photo Expo 2013”. During the event the company presented a full line of audio equipment from speakers to high-performance HDMI and USB cables.


But the headphones that drew the most interest from the public were.

Visitors to Monster booth were able to estimate the unsurpassed quality of the company’s headphones, including the newest Monster DNA. Interesting design allows owners of this model always stay in the spotlight. And thanks to the second jack on the Monster DNA you can plug in any other headphones and share music with friends. Up to five DNA headphones can be plugged into one audio source with no loss of quality. At the same time the Monster headphones are equipped with the most amazing sound insulation level for monitor headphones ever, which blocks out external noise and controls the sound transmission.

For those who like luxury and comfort the Diamond Tears Edge headphones were on the stand. Their diamond-inspired look matches the smoothness of their earpads. Thanks to a joint development with musician J.Y. Park, the sound reproduction in the Diamond Tears Edge is indistinguishable from the studio.

Young people who prefer to stay on-trend should consider the NCredible line of NTunes over-ear headphones, NErgy in-ear headphones. These headphones produce not only crystal clear sound, but also are a stylish accessory. Excellent audio meets low price.


Athletes who can’t imagine their morning without jogging to their favorite music will appreciate the Monster iSport Immersion. These headphones are equipped with a unique earhook that prevents them from falling out of your ear, and they are waterproof, so you can practice outdoors even in the rain without worrying about damaging your headphones.

The Inspiration Monster headphones produce distortion-free sound with pin-sharp precision. Crystal clear sound combined with active and passive sound insulation allows Monster Inspiration headphones to produce rich, vivid sound and retain all the details in the music. For those who are interested in individual approach to the appearance, there is a possibility to change the headband and express their individuality. Not only samples of headphones, but also interchangeable headbands are presented.

In addition, visitors were able to appreciate the capabilities of Clarity HD Model One speaker system. In addition to the two-channel sound system, the model is equipped with a full set of connectors for smartphones, MP3 players and computers, and features a striking design that makes it capable of becoming a fashionable element of any modern interior. With the wireless Stream Cast module, you can also connect to a speaker system and listen to music via Bluetooth.

Also at Monster’s booth a wide range of technical solutions for audio equipment connection, protection and maintenance was presented.

“Unlike large corporations that market a mass-produced and impersonal product, Monster creates quality headphones with clean sound and outstanding design,” commented Patric Frank, Monster’s director of marketing. – We try to meet all the requirements of the modern market and therefore invest in research of the target audience and their preferences. We don’t reveal any technical details, but we make some of the best headphones in the world.”.

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