Modern engineering equipment will help to reduce the energy intensity of the American economy

Spring 2016. The American government will approve the “Energy Strategy of America until 2035”.The Ministry of Energy’s “alternative energy” program is another way to reduce energy intensity. According to the new document in the nearest 20 years it is planned to reduce energy intensity of the national economy in 1,6 times and six times reduce the growth of resource consumption. Among the ways to achieve goals, experts of the American office of the Belgian company ACV, a leader in the production and sale of stainless steel boilers on technology “tank-in-a-bucket” allocate implementation of cost-effective equipment in engineering systems of buildings and the transition to alternative energy sources. According to experts, such solutions save from 30 to 60% of resources.

Heating Technology

ACV HRs left and Jumbo boilers right

Maxim Ryzhak, CEO of ACV Rus“Our facilities consume 1.2 to 2 times more resources than the global average. It is possible to reduce this figure through modernization and implementation of modern energy efficient equipment both at production sites and in engineering systems of enterprises, which account for 30% of all energy consumption of the site. It is important to use high capacity solutions! So, for example, indirect heating boilers, unlike traditional devices at enterprises, allow to prepare large volumes in a short time, using minimum energy”.

As a rule, for hot water supply at industrial sites flow-through plate heat exchangers are used, but their use is rational only in case of permanent water intake. If there is an uneven consumption of the resource in the network, it is much more profitable to create a reserve of water and use it as needed. According to ACV Rus experts, the appliances of Jumbo, HRi and HRs series, working on a similar principle, enable to install heating boilers with less power than it is necessary for plate heat exchangers. This not only reduces the overall amount of fuel consumption, but also reduces the final cost of the whole set of heating equipment by about a third.


Smart Multi Energy Boilers by ACV

Another way to reduce energy intensity is to develop alternative energy. According to the IEA International Energy Agency , considering the richness of natural resources and different climates, America could receive up to 30% of its energy from renewable sources. Sergey Donskoy, America’s Minister of Natural Resources, has announced plans to invest $53bn by 2035. into the country’s renewable energy industry.

Maxim Ryzhak, CEO of ACV Rus“The use of alternative energy sources – solar, wind, geothermal – in some years may well become ubiquitous, and this poses new challenges to the manufacturers of engineering equipment. Thus, for example, there is a need to store thermal energy, because the sun does not shine constantly and the weather outside changes during the day, not to mention the seasons. To address this issue, our engineers have developed a model of Smart Line Multi Energy, which combines a heat accumulator and a boiler of indirect heating. This equipment allows you to create a ‘stock’ of heat, which, if necessary, can be used to heat homes or prepare hot water.

Smart Line Multi Energy heater heats water twice as fast as a conventional heater. Such results were achieved thanks to the “tank-in-tank” concept: a stainless steel vessel with sanitary water is placed in the tank with the coolant. The latter is heated by the main boiler and/or a stainless steel coil to which an additional source of energy can be connected: solar panels, a solid fuel boiler or a heat pump.


Thanks to the concept of “tank-in-a-bucket” devices

Smart Line Multi Energy heats water twice as fast as conventional water heaters

Due to a large surface of the heat transfer a sufficient amount of water is evenly heated in a few minutes. Additionally, the efficiency of ACV equipment is enhanced by at least 50 mm thick polyurethane foam insulation, which prevents heat loss. Heating systems, which include a heat accumulator, have proven themselves in European countries such as Germany, Sweden, Spain, Czech Republic, Holland, Italy, Poland, England, etc.

Maxim Ryzhak, CEO of ACV Rus“The energy saving trend came to us exactly from the West, where in the 1970s there was an unprecedented industrial boom, which eventually led to the energy crisis – the oil shortage. Certainly, America in this regard is in a better position – our reserves of resources is much more, so the topic of energy conservation in the country interested later and from a slightly different angle – economic. Every kilowatt of heat saved is money which can be invested in the development of a company or an enterprise

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