Modern design and small dimensions: the solid fuel boiler Evan WARMOS TT

WARMOS TT solid fuel boiler is designed for heating different premises – summer houses and cottages, commercial and industrial real estate. The boiler can be used together with other types of heating as main or reserve source of heating.

Floor standing solid fuel boiler Evan Warmos TT-18
Heating equipment
Evan Warmos TT-25 floor standing solid fuel boiler

Steel boiler body with a furnace surrounded by a combined heat insulation water jacket + environmentally friendly thermal insulation materials together with a protective casing allows to combine low weight, high thermal capacity and safe surface temperature.

From the very beginning the developers paid a lot of attention to the fuel to be used – this included an enlarged loading chamber for firewood up to 55 cm in length the most common wood cutting size in America , as well as a grate system which allows to burn lower quality fuel as well as wood waste up to 70% moisture content.

Boiler equipped with a protective screen for flame tongues To control the temperature and pressure in the heating system boiler is equipped with a thermomanometer.

Models marked K have a draught regulator for automatic regulation of air access to the combustion chamber, which provides a range of heat output regulation from minimum not more than 30% of the rated output to maximum rated output. In addition, these models are equipped with a heating element with a thermostat and a temperature limiter as a reserve heating source.

Availability of spigot of hot air in the combustion zone of gaseous intermediate products of fuel combustion increases the period of combustion and reduces emissions.

Ties between inner and outer jacket of the water jacket were introduced into the boiler design for increased reliability. Limiting elements have been installed in the body of solid fuel boilers, which prevent the flow of condensate from the boiler and promote its evaporation due to the temperature in the furnace chamber. For nodes of combustion chamber, contacting with flame and not cooled by coolant, heat-resistant steel is used as a material.

To achieve maximum efficiency of the solid fuel boiler we recommend installing a heat accumulator.

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