MMD introduces new professional monitor Philips 252B9

MMD company, a leader in innovative technology and the owner of the rights to brand Philips Monitors, introduces a new LCD monitor Philips 252B9 B-Line with PowerSensor. The new frameless, three-sided model with a 25-inch 63.4 cm 16:10 screen combines productivity-enhancing features, a sustainable design, lower energy costs while protecting the environment, and the exceptional quality that professional users expect from Philips monitors.


Visual perfection

Frameless on three sides, the Philips 252B9 has optimal visual performance for professional users, including a 16:10 aspect ratio for increased vertical screen area. The monitor features an IPS display that provides 178°/178° viewing angles even when rotated

90°. IPS technology ensures a bright, clear picture and high color fidelity that photographers, graphic artists, film professionals, architects and designers will appreciate.

Reliability and sustainability

Philips 252B9 is a leader in social and environmental responsibility. Unique PowerSensor detects human presence in front of monitor using harmless infrared signals. When the user steps away from the computer, the brightness of the screen is automatically reduced.


The result is a reduction in power consumption of up to 80%, as well as extending the lifetime of the monitor. In addition, the Philips 252B9 features a hard-switch zero-power switch that completely disconnects the monitor from AC power. Thus, when the device is not in use, power consumption ceases completely. In compliance with EnergyStar 7 energy standards.0, EPEAT, WEEE and RoHS, the monitor is 85% made of recycled plastic and 100% of the packaging material is recyclable. This approach further reduces the carbon footprint.

Variety of Features

Philips 252B9 gives you a wealth of innovative features to enhance your productivity and provide optimal comfort. SmartErgoBase stand allows you to raise, lower, tilt and rotate the screen to choose the height and angles that best suit the user. It will ease the physical strain of working for long periods of time.


VESA mount gives you added flexibility when mounting your monitor and opens up possibilities for hundreds of compatible solutions. The Philips 252B9 also offers several solutions to enhance eye comfort, such as Flicker-Free technology, LowBlue mode for better well-being, EasyRead mode with a paper page effect for easy reading. Two built-in speakers as well as VGA, DVI-D, DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4 add to the package of this powerful advanced monitor.

Price and affordability

The Philips 252B9 monitor will be available in late March 2019 at an estimated price of 19,889 Dollars.

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