Mio unveiled MioSMART smart home solutions and the MiCor handheld ECG recorder at Computex 2016

Taipei, June 1, 2016. – Mio, a subsidiary of MiTAC International Corp., Demonstrates all current product lines at Computex 2016. This year Mio announced new lines of business: MioSMART smart home solutions and the world’s first wrist-worn electrocardiogram recorder from the new MiCor series.


Mio unveiled MioSMART smart home solutions and MiCor portable ECG recorder at Computex 2016

In addition, the company is introducing new devices in each of its product lines, including a video recorder, navigation device, radar detector and even a professional tablet for medical facilities, technical services, retail, mobile point of sale and other professionals.

MioSMART series – the smart system for home security

MioSMART line includes IP cameras, Smart Home Hub controller, door and window sensors, motion detectors and personal cloud storage – a full range of solutions to protect your home and its residents.

Combination of modern Internet of Things technology, smartphone app and cloud platform turns MioSMART into a comprehensive home security system. MioSMART IP-camera records video in three types of storage: on internal MicroSD card, in the cloud and on a personal drive. Users can not only see the situation in real time, but also save the footage to watch later, or upload it to social networks.

In addition to the work of IP-cameras, MioSMART has sensors on the doors and windows, which will report the illegal intrusion into the house. In the event of a break-in, the user will immediately receive an alert on their smartphone.

World’s first wrist-worn ECG recorder, MiCor A100

MiCor A100 is the world’s first lightweight, waterproof, wrist-worn heart recorder. The owner of the device can make a cardiogram anywhere and at any time, without having to go to the hospital and standing in line. MiCor A100 saves time and money while reducing the risk of cardiovascular complications. If an irregular heart rhythm is detected, MiCor records the most important 30 seconds and sends it to the doctor.

New In-Car Devices for Safe and Comfortable Driving

Smart Home

This year Mio introduces a new series of MiVue C3XX DVRs with F1 aperture.8 F2 in some models .0 and 1/2 sensor.7” camera for clearer images and a wider viewing angle. New MiVue DVRs record detailed video both day and night. Mio MiVue C 330 with built-in GPS module features a speed warning. New rearview mirror camcorder, MiVue R59, features Velcro mounts that easily attach to any car mirror. MiVue R59 features F1 aperture.8, so they can record what’s going on with a 130-degree angle of viewo. Drivers will be able to assemble a front and rear camera kit to capture all events in front and behind the car.

In addition, Mio showed the new MiTIRE tire pressure monitoring systems, as well as a radar detector from the MiRaD line. The MiTIRE series includes internal and external sensors with transmitters that connect to DVRs and enable the monitoring of tire pressures. Radar detectors MiRaD series timely notify drivers of police speed controls, operating in the X, K, Ka and Ku, as well as complexes “Arrow” and “Robot.

Tablets for professionals

Mio’s new polycarbonate-coated professional tablets have a high IP67 water resistance rating, withstand a drop from up to 1 meter and allow for disinfectant treatment. They can connect to 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® 4 networks.0.

The MioWORK L110, specifically designed for tech services and retailers, is endowed with IP54 waterproofing and is also unaffected by falls from one-meter heights. Tablet L110 passed a series of long-term tests at elevated temperatures and is equipped with a quickly replaceable battery, which is especially important for employees of retail outlets.

Another novelty, MioWORK L70, is ideal for transportation companies: NFC technology allows you to identify drivers, and open APIs provide the ability to adapt to any task. Comes with a mount for quick and secure mounting inside the car, as well as cable management.

Mio booth at Computex 2016

All Mio products showcased at Computex can be seen any day through June 4, from 9:30 am – 6 pm Saturday – 4 pm , Taipei World Trade Center, booth C0406, Hall 1.

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