Mio Technology Introduces MiVue C Series Video Recorder

June 22, 2016., New York. – Mio Technology, a leading international developer and manufacturer of in-car electronics, introduces the MiVue C-series for a wide target audience. The line joins the award-winning Mio range of video recorders. At the moment it includes five models:

C315, C320, C325, C330 and C335.


MiVue C335

Their smart price-performance ratio, attractive, functional design and the high quality of the images they capture are above average in their price segment. Advanced features for the C330 and C335 models include speed camera alerts and speed limit reminders.

According to a survey conducted by the popular web resource Geektimes, nearly 93% of users cited video quality as the main factor in choosing a car DVR. Additional features, such as a wide viewing angle, speed camera alerts, GPS module, 60% of respondents indicated as important. Given the current economic climate, users today prefer practical, inexpensive gadgets that are superfluous. The new Mio line is ready to meet this demand.


MiVue C330

Detailed video by day and night

The compact MiVue C320, C325, C330, and C335 have full featured 2 inch LCD screens, MiVue C315 has 2.4 inch screen. Most models in the range record Full HD 1080p video at 30 fps C315 at 25 fps .

All details of the situation on the road will be shown in the footage, and a wide angle of view won’t let you miss what’s happening on the adjacent lanes and sidewalk. The devices suppress glare as much as possible during shooting in bright daylight, and the high level of detail is preserved on recordings made at night. Video is looped onto a memory card up to 128GB up to 32GB for the C315 . When the shock sensor is triggered, a 60-second clip is automatically transferred to an unerasable buffer.

Product lineup differs in design and features. But regardless of appearance DVRs conveniently mounted on the windshield using the holder on the suction cup. With built-in hinge, you can adjust lens positioning up to 360 degrees, pick any position.


MiVue C325

Radar complexes under control

If the model C315, C320 and C325 support basic functionality, the device C330 and C335 differ in the presence of GPS-module. Thanks to this feature, they warn the driver of the approaching traffic cameras, and do it in advance – depending on the speed of the car the system SmartAlert . Users can download a camera database from the Mio website and add new points manually.

Also, all models except C315, features a “screen saver HUD. So as not to distract the driver from the road, the display will only show the current speed and time while driving. The MiVue C330 and C335 will also display the speed limit and distance when approaching a speed camera.


MiVue C320

Security is paramount

Use the MiVue C330 and C335 to keep speed limits in check, especially useful on the highway. Just set the maximum speed allowed and they’ll alert you with beeps when you exceed your speed limit.

Another useful feature on the MiVue C series is a stamp on video footage, including license plate number, location or G-sensor data, as well as current speed for the C330 and C335 .

View the video on a large screen, analyze the direction of impact, fixed by the accelerometer, and share the video in social networks will help convenient application MiVue Manager. It is compatible with all MiVue C series models. The new Mio MiVue C330 and C335 allow you to track your route. Also, all new series video recorders come with compact battery chargers, which are much more convenient to use than full-sized analogues.

The new products will go on sale in June 2016. About the prices of MiVue C series DVRs will be known later.

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  1. Waverly

    The Mio MiVue C Series Video Recorder seems interesting, but I’m curious about its features. Does it have a wide-angle lens? What is the video resolution it offers? Does it have any advanced driver-assistance systems? Can it be easily mounted in a car? Are there any additional accessories included? Thank you!

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