Mio Technology bets on Sony EXMOR

July 31, 2017., New York. – Mio Technology, a leading international developer and manufacturer of automotive electronics, uses Sony EXMOR, the most advanced and technically advanced matrix for many classes of devices, in the production of its car recorders. Below you will find the most important of these reasons.


Sony EXMOR sensor for Mio Technology car recorders

A few years ago the most popular were CCD matrixes. VCR manufacturers preferred them because of their high image quality and the lowest possible signal to noise ratio. However, the disadvantages of CCDs were also evident: the need for a large amount of memory to store the recorded files and the high production cost of such matrices, which had a negative effect on the final price of the devices in which they were used.

CCD predecessor, CMOS-matrix, was less expensive and had distinct technical advantages: low power consumption and moderate heat. But until recently, these advantages were leveled out by a significant disadvantage: the high level of “noise”, especially when shooting in low light conditions.

Creation of EXMOR sensor solved the problems of CMOS technology. The developers placed the analog-digital converters as close as possible to the physical pixels. This reduced the external impact on the matrix and, consequently, reduced the amount of noise. In addition, Sony EXMOR sensors feature the original CDS digital noise reduction system.

Another advantage of Sony sensors is support for the “proprietary” STARVIS technology, which provides backlighting of the sensor and increases its sensitivity. This is especially important for twilight and low light conditions.

Video Recorders

This integrated approach allowed to create a matrix that is the best option for use in DVRs. Sony EXMOR provides high image quality regardless of shooting conditions and allows the use of bright optics with an aperture of F1.8. This matrix has optimal rates of power consumption, heat dissipation and production costs, while its use has no negative impact on the final price of the device.

Mio Technology Company equips matrix Sony EXMOR all new models of its DVRs, which enter the American market.

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