Mini review of vacuum cleaner MIELE Scout RX1 Red

Since the market launch in 2014, the robot vacuum cleaner Scout RX1 has become one of the sales leaders among vacuum cleaners Miele. But the company decided not to stop there, and improved the model, introducing it in a new red version. The main difference between Scout RX1 Red and the original is the thin side brushes, which direct the dust even more precisely under the device, and an improved rotating brush to more effectively collect dust. Thanks to the Triple Cleaning System, the vacuum cleaner guarantees quality cleaning even in the most difficult places.


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MIELE Scout RX1 Red robot vacuum cleaner

All the advantages of the classic model are retained, especially the Smart Navigation system. Scout RX1 moves along a well-defined trajectory, along straight parallel lines. The “heart” or rather “vision” of the navigation system is a gyrosensor, which measures the angle of rotation of the device and, if necessary, change its direction. A digital camera scans the ceiling of the room several times a minute, helping the robot navigate the space even better. Furniture Protection Technology ensures accident-free movement: RX1 recognizes furniture, stairs and other obstacles, so it prevents collisions or falls.

While advanced side brushes pick up debris and dust along walls and furniture, the removable, also new rotating brush cleans more serious dirt. At the same time, a powerful motor collects fine dust in a special container. It is, by the way, very easy to clean: you just need to press a button.

The user can choose one of the four modes of operation of the robot: Auto, Spot. , Corner. , Turbo. In Auto mode, the robot determines the path of the movement by itself and cleans where necessary, if necessary – and with a break to recharge. Express cleaning is possible in Turbo mode: the vacuum cleaner removes dust, dirt and pet hair in half the time. Corner-cleaning mode will repeat the Corner RX1’s pass through the dirtiest areas along the edges and corners of the room. Spot mode is designed to clean small, localized debris such as crumbs.

Scout RX1 easily passes over carpet edges and thresholds up to 2cm in height.

The average battery cycle is designed to clean an area of 150 square meters and 120 minutes of continuous work.


FILTER: double filter AirClean motor protection + exhaust air cleaning .

POWER: rechargeable Li-ion battery, 120 minutes of continuous use.

CONTROL AND INDICATION: Built-in smart navigation system Smart Navigation with gyrosensor and overhead digital camera, digital touch screen display, remote control, timer.

CONSTRUCTION: 2 long side brushes, detachable side brush, powerful motor, 0,6 l plastic dustbag.

INCLUDING: recharging station, remote control, adapter, spare filter, 1m long magnetic strip, 2 side brushes, RX-BW 1 Turbo Brush, brush brush.

COLOR: red.

WARRANTY: 2 years.


PRICE: 49 900 Dollars

Bright design, long battery life, smart navigation system, advanced brushes, 4 modes, effective corner cleaning, belt-restrictor and spare filter included.

0.6 litre container capacity may not be enough for owners of long-haired pets.

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