Mini review of vacuum cleaner KARCHER WD 2 Home

Very interesting innovation in the range of household vacuum cleaners of the famous German manufacturer. Extraordinarily compact and lightweight for its category and energy-efficient: 1000 watts of power consumption with high suction power. Vacuum cleaner can be used for cleaning your home, garage, car, office.

Vacuum cleaners for dry vacuuming

Household vacuum cleaner for the home with a dust bag with the ability to collect liquids

Household vacuum cleaner, unlike a household vacuum cleaner can reasonably remove debris – concrete dust, crumb from plaster, glass shards and other large debris you must remove the filter bag from the container – in antiknock container of 12 liters. It is also able to pick up water also without filter bag . Set of nozzles in the kit is standard for a standard household vacuum cleaner: switchable nozzle for hard floors and carpets, nozzle for upholstered furniture, and crevice, but if necessary, you can extend the functionality of the model, buying the necessary nozzles.

Household vacuum cleaners not only this model, but in general the category has a number of design features, unusual for those who have used only household vacuum cleaners. For example, there is no automatic cord unwinding: the cord is wound around the device there is no telescopic tube – one extension tube is inserted into the other one there is no complicated filtration system, which many manufacturers of household models are proud of more often there is no electronic capacity control – there is a mechanical valve. But a household vacuum cleaner is a real “workhorse” with the simplest design, “so there is nothing to break,” and a minimum of accessories, for which you do not have to overpay.


POWER: max. 1,000 watts of power consumption and 180 watts of suction power.

FILTER: Standard cartridge filter, collection bag filter.

CONTROL AND INDICATION: mechanical valve for suction power adjustment on the handle.

CONSTRUCTION: upright, plastic tank, tank capacity 12 liters, suction hose 1,9 m long, suction tubes 2 pcs. 5 filter bags for waste collection 0.5 m each , 4 m cable length, Pull&Push dust container snap system, ergonomic carrying handle, neat storage system for hose, cable and accessories on the unit, impact-resistant housing.

COMPARTMENT: interchangeable nozzle for floor and carpets, crevice nozzle, nozzle for upholstered furniture, 5 filter bags. Extras: stiff brush attachment 1500 rbl. , nozzle for cleaning the inside of the car 999 rbl. , set of 5 filter bags for waste collection 679 rbl. .

FITTINGS: 369x337x430 mm. WEIGHT: 4,5 kg.

WARRANTY: 2 years.


PRICE: 6 390 Dollars

Compact design, easy to store, low power consumption, high suction power, multifunctionality.

The need to buy filter bags over time.

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