Mini review of TIMBERK air conditioner Laguna Nero AC TIM 07H S10B series

Advantages: a stylish design, attractive price, informative display.

Disadvantages: No pocket for remote control.



This new series includes 6 models of split-systems of different capacity for the rooms of 25 sq.m described up to 80 sq. m. described up to 80 sq. m. described up to 80 sq. m.m.

The air passes through three degrees of purification – preliminary, with the help of coarse filters, fine filter Silver Ion, ionization. The system not only freshens and conditions the air but also cleans it from harmful bacteria. With the help of timer it is possible to set parameters of switching on and switching off the conditioner with one minute accuracy during 24 hours, according to which the device will work automatically. Evaporator with special coating “gold” heat exchanger increases the productivity of the device, accelerating air cooling in the premise and prolonging the service life of split-system. Sleep Night Care mode – the temperature set by the user is kept automatically for 8 hours, after which the device switches off. Turbo Super mode – the desired temperature is reached several times faster than in Normal mode.

Control and design

The inside unit will decorate any interior – the whole body is covered by a black lacquer. It looks extremely stylish.

The system can be conveniently operated with the remote control. The remote control has the ionization and backlight control buttons. On the indoor unit is a stylish and informative display with seven indicators Maximum Digital, which shows all the enabled functions.

The self-diagnosis and protection system monitors the condition of filters, refrigerant pressure and protects the outdoor unit from freezing. The split system is easy to use even at night, thanks to the sound-saving night mode.

In case of power failure or after turning off the device, it will turn on the same program as before. The louvers can be rotated to either side for a more comfortable distribution of cool/warm air.


PURPOSE: cooling, heating, dehumidification, ventilation.



PERFORMANCE indoor/outdoor units : 450 m³ /h /1415 m³ /h.

POWER: Power consumption cooling/heating – 760/690 W.

MODES: intensive Turbo Drive, Night Care, Smart, automatic comfort temperature mode.



FILTERING: Silver Plus three-stage cleaning system.

CONTROL: the most informative display based on 7 Maximum Digital indicators, display of all the necessary modes of operation, ergonomic remote control with the ability to activate the air ionizer, control backlight and display modes, timer 24 hours.

FEATURES: “gold” heat exchanger with increased efficiency GFA, 100% automatic rotation of the vertical and horizontal louvers, increased comfort air Comfort Power Air system, noise reduction system Silence Dream, automatic restart, self-diagnosis and protection system.

NOISE LEVEL: 31-40 dB.

CLASS: energy efficiency cooling/heating – C/C.

COLOUR: black lacquer of the entire indoor unit.

SIZES: indoor unit – 745x250x210 mm,

External block – 835x330x278mm.

WEIGHT: indoor/outdoor units – 9/25 kg.

WARRANTY: 2 years and 3 years for the compressor, subject to regular service by an authorized service center.


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