Mini review of the Sharp PG-LW3500 DLP Multimedia Projector

Sharp continues to expand its range of portable LX/LW projectors, the first examples of which were released in summer 2012. The PG-LW3500 is the flagship model in the series with a light output of 3500 ANSI-Lm and WXGA resolution. The projector features a color wheel with five color filters according to BrilliantColor technology. Additional wheel segments enhance the color reproduction of the unit, making the colors more natural. The PG-LW3500 is compatible with 3D glasses that use DLP Link technology and can project three-dimensional images.

Sharp PG-LW3500

Multimedia DLP projector

The projector weighs 2.5 kg and is well suited for on-site presentations. But it also serves well as a stationary device. What’s more, the PG-LW3500 is equipped with a LAN port unlike the “younger” LX2000 series and supports LAN management and monitoring, making it easy to maintain.

Several display modes are available: Standard, Presentation higher brightness for a better perception of slides , Movie with natural gradation , Game improved clarity of details when playing games and sRGB more accurate color reproduction . The PG-LW3500 also corrects the image when projected onto a colored surface, such as a colored wall or a black or dark green board.

Other features included in this model will be helpful during presentations. For example, Sharp traditionally does not use laser pointers, instead offering safer and clearer on-screen pointers. The unit projects a cursor onto the screen, which can be positioned using the remote control. The cursor shape can be chosen from a variety of options from simple “arrow” to underline. Another presentation feature – the light spot: the entire image is dimmed, leaving only the brightest area of the slide or image to emphasize. Also features a pause timer that counts down the set amount of time.

The projector supports Eco Quiet Mode, which reduces fan noise and light output. Mode extends lamp life up to 5,000 hours. Switch to Eco Quiet at the touch of a button on the remote control.

Price: not specified at the time of publication.

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