Mini review of the Fujifilm FinePix XP70 compact camera

Amphibian compact cameras for a long time seemed to have no alternative class, but they have also got competitors from the unexpected side – so called action-cameras.


Fujifilm FinePix XP70 compact camera

16.4MP 28-140mm 5x 2.7″ NEW

These originally video-oriented little guys have somehow learned how to handle still photography, but when it comes to shooting sports, for many the ability to capture it is primarily about video. And as for water resistance and shock resistance, photo amphibians and action cameras have established parity. It is quite reasonable that part of the recent efforts of the developers of photographic equipment is aimed at fighting with these upstarts.

The new mid-range FinePix XP70 “waterfowl” camera sees the direction of impact clearly. Equivalent focal length of built-in zoom can be further increased up to 18mm with a wide angle attachment, getting a more general view, typical for action cam videos. A dedicated button on the body puts the camera into a special mode where clips are recorded with the screen turned off to conserve battery. The apparatus itself can be fixed on mounts for boards, helmets and other sports equipment. In this case, an extreme level of protection is guaranteed. The obtained Full HD movies can be edited without connecting the camera to a computer, by trimming or merging separate fragments with built-in software.

Another button on the body is used to switch the device to high-speed mode at 10 full resolution or 60 with reduced image size frames per second. This gives the photographer a better chance to make a spectacular dynamic shot. Creative shooting is offered using a variety of software filters, of which the XP70 has 9, and 6 of them are available for video conversion.

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