Mini review of the electric oven Darina 1U5 BDE 111 705 X3

This oven can cook meat on a spit, which allows you to grill delicious grilled chicken or barbecue in the city. Four modes are designed specifically for grilling meat to experiment with different portions and recipes.


Electric oven Darina 1U5 BDE111 705 X3

DIMENSIONS: 595x595x535 mm. NICHEAT: 585x55x525 mm.


POWER: 3,5 kW.

MODE: 9 – light, defrosting, pre-heating with convection to warm dishes, drying , bottom heat + convection, traditional heat top + bottom , grill, grill with convection, grill with spit and convection, grill with spit.

TEMPERATURE: from 50° C to 230° C.

CONTROL: flush plates, electromechanical timer.

FEATURES: 15W lamp, E14 base, double glazed door, silicate enamel inside.

ACCESSORIES: Extra effect set: pan frying, baking tray, rotisserie.

DESIGN: front is stainless steel.

WARRANTY: 2 years. SHELF LIFE: n.d.

PRICE: 11500 Dollars

One more specific feature – wide temperature range. And while the upper limit is customary, the lower limit 50°C is rare for ovens in this price range, usually only available on premium models. Thanks to this oven can be used for drying herbs and mushrooms, as well as for rising yeast dough.

Operation of the appliance is quite simple but very comfortable. The timer allows you to program the cooking time, a buzzer reminds you to “check” the dish or turn off the oven. Flush plates are a popular feature, they don’t get in the way and are less likely to get dirty.

The front of this model is in silver color that makes this oven fit perfectly into contemporary kitchen design.

Reasonable price, rotisserie, low temperature setting, multiple cooking modes.

Small internal volume with standard dimensions.

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