Mini review of the AEG MSS 5562 foot massager and massage tub

For self-care

Massage + pedicure, infrared heating, vibromassage, whirlpool.

For self-care

Warm water should be sufficient to keep your feet warm – no need to heat them.

Foot massager and massage tub AEG MSS 5562

Foot massager and massage tub

POWER: bath: 90 W max , massager: 13 W.

CONTROL: indication of water level, 4-step switch: 1 – off, 2 – massage/heating, 3 – massage/swirl/heating, 4 – swirl/heating.

FUNCTIONS AND MODES: tub: warmed massage, warmed whirlpool massage, heated whirlpool. Massager: vibromassage with a choice of interchangeable nozzles, heating of separate parts of the body. Can be used without water.

CONSTRUCTION: rubber feet, massager with extended handle and tilting “head”.

COMPENSATION: removable massage roller, infrared massager, 4 removable tips for infrared massager, splash-protective cover.

COLOR: stainless steel.

DIMENSIONS: 280x185x345 mm.

WEIGHT: 4.9 kg.

WARRANTY: 1 year.


The device combines the grooming and healing effects of your choice. Acupuncture coating on the base of the whirlpool enhanced the effect of the vibromassage. Thanks to the powerful whirlpool a “portion of care” is given to the ankles, which contributes to the prevention of edema. In the center of the device there is a roller for intensive massage of reflexive zones of the foot. Infrared massager provides heating of separate zones, improves blood circulation and metabolic processes in the tissues, and with removable rotating nozzles can remove calloused skin.

1890 Dollars

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