Mini review of Stadler Form Robert R-001R Air Purifier & Humidifier

Combines two functions – humidification and air purification. Controlled by touch screen LED. Interesting feature – you can not touch the display, but just put your hand to it and control with gestures.

Climate control

Air purifier and humidifier Stadler Form Robert R-001R


PERFORMANCE: 550 ml/hour, serviceable area 80 sq.m. M, power consumption – from 7 to 30 W.

REFERENCE VESSEL: 6,3 l, aroma oil container.

CONTROL: electronic, LED-display.

FEATURES: 4 levels of power, noise level – from 27 to 56 dB, aluminum case.

DIMENSIONS: 321h471h235 mm.

WEIGHT: 8,2 kg.

WARRANTY: 1 year.

Country – Manufacturer: Switzerland.


The stylish design of the appliance is due to the cooperation of the Stadler Fopm and the famous Swiss designer Matti Walker. Touch sensitive control panel integrated into the massive vertical belt of 4mm thick aluminum painted in radical black that elegantly contours the humidifier body. White lacquered aluminum walls highlight the belt and emphasize the strict style. This design has won prestigious international design awards.


Combines two functions – humidification and air purification. It is controlled by touch LED display. Interesting function: the display can be operated with gestures without touching it, but it is enough to hold a hand to it. In standby mode the monitor displays the current room humidity, and when you put your palm to the sensor, the screen “comes to life”: buttons appear to control functions such as the desired humidity level, power and intensity of the display backlight. By the way, it has already been announced that the multimedia capabilities of the device will appear before the end of the year.

Robert R-001R can evaporate up to 13,2 liters of water per day. This amount is enough to humidify a room up to 80 square meters. meters. The water tank can be filled while the humidifier is running. Humidify the air in the room is necessary during the heating season and in the summer heat would not hurt – central heating strongly dries the air, burning out oxygen.

Remember – dry mouth, headaches, furniture and floors dry out in the morning. The right humidity control helps you avoid these problems and get back a healthy night’s sleep. And as a bonus – Robert cleans the air from dust. Have you ever wondered why the woods are so easy to breathe?? And just there, the air is not just clean, but also filled with “air vitamins” – negative ions.

You can also enrich the air in the room with these “vitamins” by turning on the aromatherapy function and filling a special container with essential oil. The result: no more germs in the air, prevention of lung diseases, allergy sufferers breathe better. But that’s not all. In addition to aromatherapy, the device also saturates the air with silver ions, which is also extremely healthy and harmful to pathogenic bacteria.

It comes with everything you need: ANTICALC water softener filter, antibacterial cartridge with patented Silversan. Cool humidification by rotating discs drum, which prevents white stains on furniture.

Brilliant design, cool aluminum casing, easy to operate, high efficiency.

High price.

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