Mini review of Scarlett Top Style SC-HS60499/SC-HS60399 series stylers

A series of hair dryers and stylers Scarlett Top Style was created in collaboration with professional stylists and is designed to help you get at home the same beauty effect, as in a beauty salon.

For your personal grooming needs

For self-care

Scarlett Top Style SC-HS60499/SC-HS60399 Curling Hair Stylers


POWER: 35-40/30 watts.

CONTROL: button on./off. with LED light indicator.

ceramic coating of working surfaces, flat heating element, insulated tip, rotating cord.

Complete with: “Style Guide” – illustrated step by step styling instructions with tips from the leading stylist Scarlett Top Style Vera Mashurova.

DIMENSIONS: length 160mm, diameter 33mm/length 150mm, diameter 19mm, SC-HS60499 length 160mm/diameter 33mm.

COLOR: golden + black white-gold.




The Scarlett Top Style series of blow dryers and stylers was developed in collaboration with professional stylists and is designed to help you achieve the same beauty effects at home as in the salon. The SC-HS60499 is the curly surface to create natural curls with different volume, and the SC-HS60399 is the spiral surface to hold and guide strands of hair for perfect, “vertical” curls. You can use the specially designed non heat clamping plate to fix the tip of the strand and the hair will be fixed on the surface of the hair dryer.

By the way, it has a ceramic coating, which means that it distributes the heat evenly and heats quickly. This is also facilitated by a flat heating element. Safety system with overheat protection, for convenience the rotating cord, which will not be twisted.

Innovative and easy solutions for the different types of curls, ceramic plates, rapid heating, protection from overheating and cord twist.

No temperature adjustment.

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