Mini review of Philips HP6581/00 SatinPeusaect dry and wet epilator

For personal care

“3-in-1, wet hair removal, wireless system, fast charging, charging indicator, 2 speeds, bright light.

For personal care

You need to buy batteries or AA batteries for mini-epilators.

Philips HP6581/00 SatinPerfect epilator

Epilator for dry and wet epilation

EPILATION SYSTEM: 17 ceramic hypoallergenic discs with silver ions, 32 tweezers, large epilating head, washable under water 2 speeds.

COMPLETE EQUIPMENT: epilator, compact epilator for sensitive areas, epilation nozzle, trimmer nozzle, massage nozzle, hair lifter, shaving head with comb, manual tweezers with light, mirror and case, cleaning brush, storage bag, adapter.

POWER: battery powered, battery charging time: 1 hour, battery life: 40 minutes, battery gauge.

LIGHTING: Opti-light.

WARRANTY: 2 years.


Not just epilator, but epilation system with mini epilator for sensitive areas and tweezers to remove facial hair. Both epilators are equipped with Wet&Dry technology which allows to use them in water, making the procedure less painful. High-performance ceramic discs with textured surface grasps the finest hairs, wide head removes more hairs in one stroke, nozzle rotation allows placing the device at an optimum angle. Vibration system lifts hairs for easier removal.

3,314 Dollars

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