Mini review of Mystery MCB-5125 coffee maker

Surprisingly, it’s not Italians or Brazilians who lead the world in coffee consumption per capita. Maybe it’s because of the harsh climate, but it is the Swedes and Finns who drink coffee more often and more often than any other nation. The smell of Stockholm is a mixture of the aromas of coffee, cardamom, and cinnamon: it comes not only from every coffee house, of which there are many in the city, but also from every apartment that necessarily has a coffee-machine or espresso machine.

Coffee Makers

Mystery MCB-5125 drip coffee maker


The drip coffee maker is especially popular in northern Europe because of its ease of use and the ability to keep the coffee hot for a long time. This model differs from conventional drip coffee machines by the fact that it allows to cook not only ground but also coffee beans: for this purpose it has a built-in grinder. At one time the machine can grind and prepare from 2 to 10 cups of coffee, and can do it, for example, by waking up: turn on the delayed start timer in the evening – and in the morning you wake up to the smell of freshly ground and already brewed coffee.



CONTROL: electronic, LCD display, grind level adjustment, coffee strength control, 24 hour delayed brew timer.

CONSTRUCTION: stainless steel housing, 1.35 l coffee tank, integrated coffee grinder, non-slip base, integrated coffee filter.

PRICE: 3350 Dollars.

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