Mini review of Canon PowerShot D30 compact camera

While photo enthusiasts are just thinking about a summer vacation, photo makers are already fully prepared to arm them for the beach season. Canon’s new amphibian, while remaining unchanged on the inside, is even more secure, better-looking and less extravagant on the outside.


Canon PowerShot D30 compact camera

12 MP 28-140 mm 5x 3″ NEW

D30 set a new PowerShot D-series command record, learning to dive to a depth of 25 meters without unpleasant consequences. Shockproof design ensures the camera will not break if dropped from a height of 2 meters. Minimal operating temperature range is still -10 degrees.

The fanciful shape of the D20 gives way to a body with a sleeker, more conventional contours, while also being more compact. Ergonomic features improved with soft rubber overlay on front panel. It increases the grip of your fingers on the camera, which is quite relevant underwater or if you’re wearing gloves. The camera has GPS for storing geographic coordinates of the location in photos, but it still does not have Wi-Fi for remote control.

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