Mini overview of Sharp KC-A41R ionized air purifier

In 2000 Sharp Electronics developed the Plasmacluster air ionization and purification technology, successfully mimicking nature’s natural process. Plasma discharge in the ion generator splits hydrogen H+ and oxygen O2- molecules of water H2O in the air. Ions diffusing in the room deactivate airborne microorganisms viruses, bacteria, fungal spores, mould , pollen, allergens and other harmful impurities such as nitrogen monoxide from cigarette smoke, ammonia odour from animals and unpleasant odours from the bathroom .

Sharp KC-A41R Air Purifier with Ionization

Ionizing air purifier Sharp KC-A41R

After completion of the purification process, the Plasmacluster generator performs the function of maintaining the ionic balance of positively and negatively charged ions at ideal natural conditions.

The air passing through the device passes through four filtration stages. Pre-filter maintains the efficiency of the HEPA filter to prevent dust particles from entering the cabinet. Washable deodorant filter eliminates odors. HEPA antibacterial filter traps 99.97% of particles with a dust size of 0.3 micron. The humidifying filter provides additional air purification and is impregnated with antibacterial and antifungal agents.

Integrated sensors dust, odour and combined temperature and humidity constantly monitor the state of the air, adapting the air purifier according to the air purity and humidity. Information on the purification degree is shown on the indicator.

The device supports automatic selection of the fan speed and four operating modes: air cleaning, humidifying and purifying, “Ionic Rain” humidification + air ionization , “Flower pollen”.


Area to be serviced: 48-216 m2

Air purifying capacity: 365 m3/h

Humidification performance: 450ml/h

Power consumption: 26W

Dimension H×W×D : 570×382×242mm. WEIGHT: 9.1 kg

Price: Price not announced at the time of publication

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