Mini overview of Optoma FX5200 multimedia DLP projector

The FX5200 is the brightest new model in Optoma’s projector lineup for business and education. 3,300 ANSI-Lm luminous flux makes the projector independent of lighting conditions, no blackout required. Technology DarkChip3 provides a high contrast ratio – 8000:1, so a black text slides will be very clear and well distinguishable from a white background. Two 5 watt speakers built in the case that can replace external speakers during presentations or video playback. Use the laser pointer built into the remote control to navigate during presentations, or use the remote control to scroll through slides and emulate a mouse when you connect the projector to your PC via USB.

Optoma FX5200

Multimedia DLP projector

The unit allows you to turn off the power immediately after the end of the show without waiting for the lamp to cool. Also, if the unit is turned off during projection for any reason, it can be turned on again within 100 seconds without a cooling interruption.

The FX5200 employs Eco+ technology to reduce projector power consumption savings up to 70% . The unit not only supports lamp economy mode, but can also reduce lamp brightness when projecting dark scenes. Users can reduce energy consumption by themselves with Eco AV Mute, and turn off the image when they don’t need it. The projector will automatically shut down if it does not receive an incoming signal for some time. Eco+ not only saves energy, but also extends lamp life to 6000 hours, and thus reduces the cost of replacement lamps.

The FX5200 lets you transfer data from your PC, laptop or smartphone via Wi-Fi you’ll need a special Wi-Fi adapter for this . And if you add optional 3D glasses to the unit, you can view 3D content.

The projector is suitable for both mobile and stationary use. Ethernet control and monitoring capability, including control and scheduling of multiple units simultaneously. An e-mail or on-screen notification system has been implemented to inform you about errors and the need to replace the lamp.

Price: not specified at the time of publication.

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