Mini kettle review

In the review: electric kettles VITEK VT-1180B and element el’kettle plastic black WF08PB, and also a BRAND 4400 thermopot. Technical characteristics, operating features, functionality, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each model are described.


Quiet Kettle with Ceramic-coated heating element


POWER:2200 Watt.


CONTROL:Keep Warm function, on indicator.

Constructions: ceramic coated heating element, Schott Duran tempered color glass, OTTER controller, 360° rotating base, cord compartment, limescale filter.

DIMENSIONS:160x160x285 mm

WEIGHT:1,2 kg.

WARRANTY:3 years.


VITEK VT-1180B – the world’s first silent kettle with an innovative and patented ceramic element. To understand the technology, let’s look at the typical teapot heating element, a steel element with a thin aluminium base.

The temperature at the bottom of such a kettle is unevenly distributed and during boiling the bubbles are localized at the bottom in a narrow area shaped like a horseshoe: it follows the shape of the heater located at the back side of the bottom.

Ceramic coating of the heating element promotes more even distribution of heat over the bottom, which significantly reduces the noise level. In addition, ceramic, known for its non-stick properties, easy to clean from limescale, and its absence contributes to the quiet operation and prolongs the life of the device.

Kettle body is made of high quality impact-resistant heat-resistant blue Schott Duran glass. German Coloured Glass technology and the multi-level Colour Fusion internal tank light create a unique atmosphere: the kettle glows from within, changing shades when the kettle is on standby and during operation.

Magic Bubble technology enhances the visual effect: when the water boils at the bottom of the kettle the bubbles form, resembling small pearls which rush upwards in the shining light. Keep Warm mode provides maximum precision of water temperature thanks to the PTC element, and the English OTTER controller ensures long kettle life.

Advantages: Ceramic coating of the heating element, low noise level, heat preservation mode, OTTER controller, impressive design, easy care.

Disadvantages: a common disadvantage of glass kettles – heavy.

Price: 3 190 Dollars.

element el’kettle plastic black WF08PB

Low noise kettle


POWER:1850-2200 Watt.

VOLUME:1,5 l.

CONTROL: backlight, light indication of power, light indication of boiling, auto shut-off at absence of water, voltage drop, boiling.

CONSTRUCTION: disk heating element, housing made of ABS plastic, large ergonomic handle, designer spout “no loss of drops”, two-way scale of the water level, the controller contact group OTTER UK , the rotation on a stand at 360 °, compartment for the cord, durable nylon filter against limescale.

DIMENSIONS:150x200x235 mm.


COLOR:black graphite.



The matte black body with graphite coating effect is made of light and high quality plastic that prevents extraneous odors or flavors. Preservation of water purity and taste is the basis of the model concept, the design concept also corresponds to this idea: the kettle reminds of a capsule.

The spherical silver-colored lines in the details of the lid and handles, electroplated technology, emphasize the relationship of this object to the element of water. The main visual highlight – blue backlight coming from the stand.

Ergonomics are worked out to the smallest detail, so it is pleasant, comfortable and safe to use the kettle. The disc heating element provides a quick and quiet boil. Large, ergonomic handle is comfortable to hold, even when the kettle is full of water.

The OTTER Central Contact Group UK made is reliable and guarantees the pot is set and taken off the shelf gently without spilling the water.

Precision-milled spout shape to within millimeters, prevents even a drop of water from spilling over your cup. Automatic power off system is triggered not only in case of boiling, but also in case of mains power failure or accidental putting an empty kettle on.

Advantages: Disk heating element, high quality plastic, triple safety system, low noise level, OTTER controller, premium design.

Drawback: No fixed temperature mode.

Price: 990 Dollars.

BRAND 4400

Thermopot with battery-operated autonomous power supply




CONTROL:keeping temperature about 80°C , boiling, reflux, water delivery by cup on valve, water delivery with electric pump, water delivery with battery power(stand alone power mode , light indication of keeping temperature, boiling and reflux.

SAFETY:child lock button automatic shut off at boiling automatic protection in case of overheating, boiling out or no water automatic water shut off after 10 seconds.

CONSTRUCTION:High quality stainless steel flask, metal body, scale and water level indicator, 360° rotation of the base, removable top lid, carrying handle.

DIMENSIONS:290x200x300 mm, height with open lid 510 mm.

WEIGHT:2,4 kg.

COLOR: red.



The Thermopot has 3 ways of water delivery. The first one is electric when the thermopot is plugged in, the second one is mechanical when you press the cup on the valve and water is poured into it. But the most unusual method, rarely seen in thermopots, is with a battery-operated water pump. Function can be activated by unplugging the appliance from the wall outlet or when there is no electricity supply.

The thermostat starts boiling water as soon as it is plugged in. Boiling a full volume of cold water to 100 ° C takes from 30 to 45 minutes depending on the room temperature and water temperature .

After boiling the kettle goes to temperature maintenance mode, but if you need boiling water you can use the button Repeat boiling. If the temperature drops below 80°C and the unit is plugged in, it will automatically start heating.

Thanks to the bright design, the model can become a decoration of the kitchen: lush red color will not leave indifferent fans of all bright and positive.

Advantages: 3 ways of filling, removable lid, durable materials, well-thought-out safety system, good price-performance ratio.

Disadvantages: No temperature control.

Price: 2 490 Dollars.

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