Mini-alarms: I’d rather have a purse scream than my beloved screaming

Security alarm systems of varying degrees of complexity installed on almost every car. But bicycles, mopeds, scooters and choppers have not had this opportunity until recently. But times are changing: Today, alarms for any mechanical vehicle, including a stroller, can be equipped with a simple electronic device with a loud, attention-grabbing sound.

Until recently, bicycles were not nearly as valuable as automobiles otherwise, how else can you explain the fact that not only were they not fitted, but they were not even made with alarms?. Things have changed dramatically in the last ten years, when the market of “miniature vehicles” has appeared in great numbers in addition to bicycles choppers, mini-mokis and scooters with an engine. “The popularity of healthy lifestyles among the population, in particular cycling, has also “fueled the fire.

So it’s not only important to buy a bicycle, but also to keep it. The activity of manufacturers of bicycle and portable alarm systems has increased so that it is already improper to keep quiet about it.

If five years ago I could buy a portable alarm system “for women” see. photo. 1 only outside of America, today such “miracle of technics” is accessible also in our.

Lady Quand portable alarm system

Photo 1. Lady Quand portable alarm system with a siren and sound pressure of 140 dB

This alarm is the first swallow of popular bicycle alarms, which also include systems for motorcycles, choppers, scooters and other vehicles of a similar class. Although this model was announced by the manufacturer as an alarm system for women ie, for women’s handbags , a quick glance at it becomes clear and a wider range of its capabilities.

Operating principle

The alarm system weight 91 g is placed in a bag, and the adjustable cord loop diameter 50 cm is put on the hand. If the bag is ripped out, the cord remains in the “weak” woman’s hand, the platinum-dielectric in the base unit is torn out, the disconnected contacts in the alarm enclosure are closed, and then, as Chukcha would say – a miracle, but nothing else: the “bag screams” is already in the hands of the kidnapper.

But in this case the bag not only “screams”, it shakes the air deafeningly with a sound pressure of 140 dB, which can be felt even through the fabric of the bag and the proverb “an uneasy hat burns on a thief” comes to mind for a passerby who saw what was going on.

Clearly, a deafening alarm directly points to the kidnapper, causing his psyche to “break down” and abandon the prey.

The practice of use confirms – the device is relevant and reliable. Costs only 10 euros in Finland.

But not only the beautiful half of humanity can use this useful device.

Picture 2 shows how you can adapt it for apartment security by hanging it on the door handle.

The Lady Quand portable alarm system in action

Photo. 2. How to use the portable alarm in the home

The audibility test

The acoustic alarm will be activated by a jerk down by its housing this movement can be made by the owner at the moment of an attack on the apartment. Deafening sound of 138-140 dB near it was recorded by a sound meter DVR-401 during day time at 14:30 the test was conducted on January 16, 2013 on the 2nd floor of 84-storey 12-storey building “point” in one of St.Petersburg districts.

In the stairwell of the 6th floor the same sound level was measured at 72dB.

On the 12th floor, the alarm system alerted the neighbors that immediate assistance was needed with a sound power of 47 dB. Comparison is always important in the experiment, so the overall sound background was measured with the alarm off. On all three floors, according to the test experiment, the background noise at the same time was 22 dB.

Thus, it can be argued that during the day in a typical apartment building an activated alarm system Lady Quand, installed from the inside on the front door of the apartment on the second floor will be heard on the 12th floor. Exceptions can take place when the general noise background is disturbed, e.g. by active work of elevators, construction and installation, repair and other works.

A random person who is not familiar with the functionality of Lady Quand can not disable it while it will be reconnected to the cord with a dielectric plate at the end – time will pass , to break or trample with anger does not give vandal-proof and reliable – from metallized alloy – housing. It is not possible to switch the power off because the device is powered by a single CR3032 3.3 V cell which is mounted on a circuit board inside the case.

Besides this, there are a lot of variants of application of the considered alarm system and they are limited only by fantasy of its owner. By the way, for some reason more men fantasize, and women just apply.

The distinctive feature of this alarm is that the battery provides standby power during in my version 2 years with an average frequency of 5-6 times a year and sounding for 1 minute test mode and test performance mode . This is because the device does not consume current in standby mode.

The body has a “red button” with which you can turn the alarm on forcibly if necessary without pulling the cord alarm mode , or to test.

Another button in black , conveniently located on the case of the device, you can turn on the built-in portable flashlight. It is also in demand in many cases.

The next type of alarm in the review has a similar principle, only designed for a remote guard zone instead of the loop strap is used a long cord .

Universal Lock Alarm

Lock Alarm – a portable security device designed to protect against theft of large goods for use in the street: boats and boat engines, bicycles, motorcycles, lawn mowers, outdoor furniture, strollers, and in other cases, it can be called a universal. Siren sounds when there is an attempt to cut the cable or break the lock.

Universal Lock Alarm

Photo. 3 Appearance of a universal Lock Alarm

Features of the Lock Alarm:

  • rugged steel lock
  • Robust case on steel frame
  • The volume of the siren was announced by the manufacturer at 150 dB in reality – 110 dB – as measured with the noise meter DVR-401 near the source in January 2013
  • steel cable in plastic insulation diameter 5 mm – breaking strength 750 kg
  • power supply from 9 V “Krone” type battery.

Arming the alarm system

  • Coil the steel cable from the unit’s housing.
  • Run the cable through the object to be armed, as well as through a fixed object in the street tree, pole, staircase railing .
  • Insert the tip of the cable into the hole next to the lock.
  • Turn the key by 90° the indicator on the back of the device starts flashing.
  • Make sure that a closed circuit is obtained and the protected object cannot be moved without breaking the cable.
  • Remove the key.
  • Disarming/Transportation

    1. To disarm the alarm, insert the key and turn it to the “off” position

    2. Disconnect the cable, wrap it around the body.

    3. Fasten the transport latch.

    The kit includes special mounts of 2 types: flat and Y-shaped. These are required to attach the alarm body to an immovable object, such as a wall or pipe.

    A distinctive feature of this alarm is convenient storage of cable unrolled length 4.6 m on the body when not in use.

    Case size 14×7.5×5 cm

    Alarm system OB-072

    The OB-072 bicycle alarm is an indispensable item for cyclists. The outside of the alarm system is shown in the photo. 4.

    Bicycle alarm OB-072

    Photo. 4. Appearance of bicycle alarm OB-072

    The alarm system is distinguished by such parameters as:

    • personal secret code
    • motion sensor
    • loud siren
    • Waterproof shockproof case.


    • you can select 3 different siren sounds two-tone siren, “single-tone” bell, “peppermint” ambulance siren
    • you can select 3 options for the duration of the alarm 10, 20 or 30 seconds
    • alarm function
    • Programmable 4-digit secret code to arm/disarm
    • Electronic circuitry with a microprocessor is used
    • Shock-resistant plastic case
    • low battery indication
    • Power supplied by 3 AA batteries

    If you enter an incorrect personal code 3 times in a row, the siren will turn on. This alarm system is suitable for scooters, mopeds, gardening equipment, bags, backpacks.

    Pictured. The bicycle alarm system with a lock and heavy-duty bike frame mount that works on a different principle is shown in Fig. 5.

    Bike alarm

    Photo. 5. Option of bicycle alarm with frame mount

    Veloalarm frame bicycle alarm

    This device photo 5 has three adjustable levels A, B, C of sensitivity, triggering and “alarm” signal with the sound power of 110dB. Audible alarm goes off when the bicycle is moved attempted to move , receives control signal from shock sensor.

    Waterproof housing made of hard plastic with no metal parts allows to protect both the bicycle against theft and electronics inside the alarm housing in bad weather.

    With compact size: 10&acute 6&acute The 3.5 cm alarm attaches directly to the bike frame and has no hinge or cord – as a “theft” sensor.

    Diameter mounting: bicycle frame diameter of 3.3 cm

    Included in the package is a battery type “Crone” with a nominal voltage of 9 V, which lasts for 6 months of standby time with a frequency of 5-6 times during this period and the duration of the audible signal of 110 dB for a minute – at each actuation . Tested the period from March to September, because in the “cold” time of year, the battery life may be less.

    If the sound of the alarm became quieter – it’s time to change the battery.

    Distinguishing features

    Factory preset ABCA code for the device by the manufacturer it is also set when the battery is replaced.

    Changing the code – press button A for 2 sec., will sound a single short beep, then enter the old code, a single beep if the code is entered incorrectly, and a double beep if correct.

    Next, enter the new secret code a double beep indicates that a new code has been set.

    If an incorrect secret code is entered 4 times in a row, the alarm is blocked for 3 minutes. Unlocks after another 3 minutes.

    To set the alarm: Press Button B for 2 sec., A single signal will sound to indicate activation, and, after 5 sec. the alarm system will be set.

    To remove the alarm, enter the 4-digit secret code and you will hear a double beep, indicating that the alarm has stopped.

    When the alarm is triggered, a beep will sound 5 times, then, if triggered again within 5 seconds, the alarm will sound continuously for 15 seconds.

    The sensitivity level of the alarm can be changed.

    There are 3 levels to change from one level to another, press C for 2-3 sec., A beep “short-term peak” – confirmation of switching to the next level is heard. The next time you press the button, it is possible to shift to another level.

    One short beep – high level of sensitivity,

    Two short beeps – the middle one,

    Three – low.

    If the battery is used for a long time, the dialed code may not work.

    Solution to the situation – sequentially dial the factory “ABCA”

    Bike alarm Honest

    Bike alarm Honest has dimensions in length, width, height 90x60x29 mm

    Its exterior view is shown in photo 6.

    Honest bicycle alarm

    Photo 6. Appearance of Honest bicycle alarm

    Identified “disadvantages”

    • Bad condition of the case “soft” plastic is no good
    • There is no standard mounting on the bike for the operation have to buy a metal mount with an adjustable clamp, a plastic tie or wrap “duct tape”
    • Power element battery is poorly fixed to the regular contacts, which leads to violations of the reliability and quality of work – during detonation and shaking in the test test recorded the cases of not activation of the alarm, because of the banal disconnection of the battery.
    • In my opinion, too big a body, which the manufacturer could have reduced or crammed another one of the same alarm into it .


    • Has a remote control. Each remote is uniquely linked to each alarm system, which eliminates the theft of a bicycle by someone who already has such an alarm system. Proven range of the remote control – 50 m in open terrain.
    • Remote control is similar to the remote car alarm you can hang it as a keychain to the house keys entrance, garage and on occasion – with an appropriate confirmation of status by a bicycle brand – to demonstrate their “coolness.
    • Sound power of at least 120 dB according to the noise test with the noise meter DVR-401 in January 2013.
    • Signals a brief “peak” when putting on and off the “guard” mode.

    Identified common “disadvantages”

    Testing of the above devices revealed some “minuses” and distinctive features that could be improved.

    Let’s look at them.

    In all the above devices, the problem area is the siren sound emitting cap hole. If you cover it with, for example, gum, all “deafening power of sound” turns into a pathetic meow, which resembles a ringing cell phone and does not attract attention.

    Tape the holes at the sound emitter on the Lady Quand alarm body, as well as on the “frame” Honest alarm and others . . Although this can be fixed by drilling some extra holes and, again, by installing the device in such a way that the holes are in hard-to-reach places.

    Plastic housing all given in the review alarms except the first Lady Quand, positioned by the manufacturer “for women’s handbags” is relatively weak. An intruder can bite out the plastic in the mounting area with ordinary wire cutters or rip out the mounting bolts – where they are provided.

    This is quite relevant for frame mounted alarms like Honest and others . : even the attempt to tighten screws more firmly so that “the alarm” doesn’t rotate leads to the fact that their heads cut through the plastic.

    Remedies: using long bolts and backing wide washers on both sides.

    I also do not recommend screwing bicycle alarms with the buttons up. This will give an intruder easy access to vulnerable elements and here’s why.

    Although during the rain will not get inside from the top buttons are protected, you can pour water, nothing will happen , if you pour acid, including available – blowtorch – you can ruin the “thing” for just a few minutes, and then dismantle the bike.

    But, however, against such “scrap” has not yet been invented reception. At least in the budget sector of bicycle alarms cost all given up to 1000 Dollars.

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