Miele’s first robot vacuum cleaner: Intelligent navigation for cleanliness

Miele introduces a unique new product – its first robotic vacuum cleaner Scout RX1. With its unique intelligent system Smart Navigation Scout RX1 sets unrivaled standards in the field of cleaning, proving once again that Miele is unrivaled in matters of efficiency and reliability of home appliances.

Robotic vacuum cleaners

Scout RX1 robot vacuum cleaner

Miele’s first robotic vacuum cleaner Scout RX1 was developed in collaboration with leading robotics experts. It combines excellent cleaning results with easy operation, high sanitation standards and first-class workmanship. Designed to make your daily housework easier, ScoutRX1 is an indispensable aid to keeping your clothes spotlessly clean.


Vacuum cleaners

Robot vacuum cleaners

The main advantage of the new vacuum cleaner is the built-in navigation system Smart Navigation. Unlike most vacuum cleaners that sweep chaotically across the room, the ScoutRX1 follows a well-defined path, keeping straight, parallel lines of movement. The navigation system is based on a special gyrosensor, which measures the angle of rotation of the device and, if necessary, changes the direction of movement. In addition, the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a high-quality digital camera that scans the ceiling several times a minute, thereby increasing the accuracy of the device. With this combination, the robot vacuum cleaner performs an effective cleaning of the premises, even the most complex layout, and successfully copes with hard-to-reach areas. 7 infrared sensors on the front of the device scan the space within 180° range, preventing collision with furniture and other objects, and 3 sensors on the bottom surface of the device protects the device from falling down from stairs.

Superior cleaning results are guaranteed by the three-stage cleaning system: the two long side brushes efficiently reach hard-to-reach areas along walls and furniture, the removable revolving brush cleans more severe dirt, and the motor collects fine dust particles in a special 0.6L container which can be easily emptied at the touch of a button. The Air Cleaner installed in the device provides effective air filtration and neutralizes unpleasant odors.

Miele Scout RX1 has a much longer battery life than its closest competitors, thanks to its lithium-ion battery. The battery has an average runtime of about 150 square feet, which means it cleans up to 80% of the home’s living space.m. and 120 minutes of continuous operation. When the battery is low, it stops and returns to the station to recharge it, and then resumes from the same place 2 hours later. One battery lasts for a long time: even after 300 recharging cycles, its efficiency is not reduced.

Scout RX1 has four basic modes


  • In AUTO mode, the appliance moves through all the rooms

  • Scout RX1 is designed to clean a specific area up to 1.8 square meters in size.m., – e.g. crumbs under the kitchen table

  • The Corner mode vacuum cleaner cleans all the rooms first and then comes back and cleans all the corners again

  • TheTubo mode also involves cleaning the entire space, but thanks to the fact that the device moves along the most optimal trajectory, this process is twice as fast.

Scout RX1 Robot vacuum cleaner recognizes all floor coverings and can overcome areas with a height difference of up to 2 cm for example, thresholds and edges of carpets . The height of the device – only 89 cm, so it is easy to clean surfaces under cabinets and sofas. If you need to clean a specific area of the house or a separate part of the room, you can limit the desired area with a special magnetic strip – then the vacuum cleaner will work only in a designated area. The unit is triggered by top panel touch controls or remote control and can be programmed to start at a specific time.

Scout RX1 robot vacuum cleaner is characterized by high-tech and at the same time elegant design, which allows it to fit perfectly into the range of Miele. The display with bright white letters on a black background and the special plastic insert on the top panel harmoniously complement the “noble” appearance of the device.

Vacuum Cleaners

Robotic vacuum cleaners

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