Miele G 4280 SCVi and G 4210 SCi dishwashers: easy solution to special requirements

Miele, German manufacturer of premium home appliances, expands its line of built-in dishwashers. The new G 4280 SCVi and G 4210 SCi have a large capacity: thanks to the special basket system up to 14 sets of dishes can be washed in them.

Miele G 4280 SCVi dishwasher

When buying a dishwasher it is very important to pay attention to how many and what kind of dishes the device can wash. That’s why size and volume as well as the layout of the boxes are decisive factors when choosing a dishwasher.

Miele’s latest additions, the G 4280 SCVi and G 4210 SCi, are designed to load up to 14 loads of dishes. Such an impressive capacity is achieved by a special design of the boxes. The height adjustment of the upper basket and the unique MultiComfort zone, thanks to which it is possible to create a single even surface in the lower basket, allow to wash big and unusual objects like pots, vases, plates up to 35 cm in diameter, cutting boards and serving dishes.

To keep your dishes spotlessly clean it is important that they are clamped securely in place. This is ensured by a special series of sliding rails in the upper basket and two additional rows in the lower basket. The Miele patented pull-out cutlery basket offers many advantages: cutlery is kept separate, without touching or scratching. Dirt is removed without residue, and the appliances dry quickly.

Miele dishwashers don’t just save you time, they also save water and energy, which means they save you money. In addition to the 5 standard programs – automatic, economical, light, delicate and intensive – the G 4280 SCVi and G 4210 SCi have a special Turbo function to reduce the cycle time to 50 minutes. The machines can also be connected to a ThermoSpar hot water system up to 60°C , which reduces electricity consumption by up to 40%.

With its clear user interface, plain-text display and information on remaining times, the new Miele dishwashers are incredibly easy to operate. In addition, any intermediate position of the ajar door is fixed when closing/opening ComfortClose function .

Price of the dishwasher G 4280 SCVi – 49 900 rub.

Price of the G 4210 SCi built-in model separately purchased – 49 900 Dollars.

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