MIDEA MJ-JS20B2 auger juicer test

This juicer attracts attention right away with its original design. It has two product inlets and a modern touch control panel. Display on the panel also signals the wrong assembly. If the lid is not fixed, the indication is red, like a traffic light, if everything is normal, it is green.

Technology for drinks

Midea MJ-JS20B2 juicer

MODES: 1 speed, reverse, separate mixing mode.

CONTROL: touch panel, non-American buttons for switching on, mixing when juicing different fruits, reversing, stopping.


Clear bowl for juicing with graduation 200-1000 ml/step 200 ml,

Cake reservoir, anti-drip device attached to the spout,

Brush for cleaning, two sieve-filter – with large holes and fine mesh,

dofu cooking kit.

POWER: claimed 200 W.

SAFETY: juicer lid closes only if correctly assembled.


The loading hatch with two openings

non-slip feet,

20 min continuous operating time., Recommended rest period 5 min.,

3×0.75 mm cord2 – Length up to the fork1m.

FILLING HOLE DIMENSION: two by 4,5×3,5 cm pusher 4×2,7 cm.

DIMENSIONS:41x17x22 cm. WEIGHT: body2745g.

WARRANTY: 1 Year. WORK LIFE: 2 years.





Technics for drinks

Graduation of the container

The juicer is of medium size, it can not be called supercompact, but it is small, like all auger juicers. Interesting that the body of the juicer has a graduation of the capacity. It’s not quite clear to me in which cases it can be useful, but maybe some of the housewives have a hard time without it.


Filling openings

Another feature is two loading hatches with standard openings. They can be used at the same time, or you can only use one. Two hatches instead of one were apparently invented to load different products for more even mixing. You can put pieces of juice from one product into both openings, for the process to go faster. The openings of the feeding hatches are large enough, very fine cutting of food is not necessary.


Two sieves are provided: one for juice, the other for puree.

Drip stopper is fixed on the juice nozzle. Thanks to it, the last drops of juice will not spill on the tablecloth, but will accumulate in the spout and you can pour them into a cup.

Technics for beverages

Perfectly designed ergonomics for juice and pulp bowls. They fit inside each other like a nesting doll. It saves a lot of storage space.


Comes with a special accessory for cooking the popular Chinese dish dufu tofu . In this case, the juicer should grind the soybeans into a puree, and then squeeze the puree with a mesh in a special container.

Cake hole 3,2×2 cm, length 4-3 cm. Length of juice spout 6 cm, size 2,5 x 3 cm.



This is the only juicer with touch control in the dough. In addition to the main mode and reverse, there is a special “mix” mode for mixing. Clear button indication makes operation especially comfortable.


Measured technical parameters

JuiceNoise level, dBPower, W


Juicer assembled and disassembled fast enough, it is important to match the markings on the glass and the body.

The model has a low noise level, it quietly “buzzes” when working, not irritating and not making you raise your voice in conversation. The most interesting thing is that when making pumpkin juice, the sound level was lower than when processing oranges. Wash everything by hand, the use of a dishwasher is not recommended by the manufacturers.

Beverage technique

Cleaning brush is not particularly convenient, as its tip does not penetrate into the auger chute, and you have to use additional tools to clean it.


The juicer managed all products, including pumpkin. Did not set a record, but showed quite decent results in all cases. The instructions indicate that the device is not suitable for making juice from fibrous fruits and vegetables. It’s not very clear what you mean, especially since the juicer has processed both finicky apples and hard pumpkin.

Beverage Appliances

The amount of juice obtained recalculation per 100 g of food and cooking time from ~ 500-600 g of food

With pulp, g

Filtered, g





1 min. 40 s.




2 min.



1 min. 30 s.







The juice is rich and pulpy in almost all cases. The only exception: pumpkin. In this case, the amount of pulp in the juice is very low.

Beverage Technique


Interesting model, suitable for the daily preparation of juices, fruit and vegetable purees, berry desserts. It can “digest” the most diverse products: both tender grapes and hard pumpkin. The producers equipped the juicer with a brand new control panel, modern and clear. In addition, this model comes with some interesting accessories. In addition to the second grid, which helps to prepare purees, there is a set for making daufu. Juicer inexpensive, the price is affordable to a wide range of people.


Convenient control.

Bright display.

Reasonable price.

Low noise level.


There is a high percentage of pulp in the juices.

No dishwasher safe.

No accessories listed in the manual.

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