Microwave recipes: spinach salad with bacon

Spinach and Bacon Salad

Spinach contains healthy vitamins and minerals. It’s very healthy. Spinach salad is usually dressed with olive oil, which is rich in essential oleic acid.

For 4 servings of 150 g

You will need

Built-in appliances

Chopped frozen spinach leaves – 200g

Hard-boiled eggs – 2 units.

Frozen champignons – 8-10 pcs.

Bacon or pork neck boiled – 150 gr

Cold-pressed olive oil – 2 tablespoons. l.

Salt, freshly ground black pepper to taste

Cooking order

1. Take a 1.5 to 2 liter glass pot with a lid. Put frozen spinach and shredded mushrooms in it and close with a lid. Place the pan in the microwave, setting the power to 800 watts, and set the time to 5-6 minutes. After the timer beeps, stir the contents of the pot and leave it under the lid for 5 minutes to “settle”. Chill. Finely chop cooked mushrooms and spinach.

2. Dice bacon and egg into small pieces and mix with spinach and mushrooms. Dress the salad with olive oil, salt and pepper to taste. Black pepper is better to grind before cooking the salad in a mortar or a mill, it will give the salad a special spicy note.

3. Place the salad in a salad bowl, garnish with slices of ham.

Total cooking time: 20 min.

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