MCS Series Pioneer Multi-channel Media Center Overview

Pioneer updates its home theater components with two models of next-generation multichannel multimedia systems. Connectivity, power and audio quality of announced products make it possible to turn living room into full cinema or concert hall. New home cinema systems combine 3D video support with a wide range of functions including wireless interface, internet radio vTuner, playback from and recording to external HDD, and in addition 4 HDMI inputs for connection of various sources. Both new Pioneer multimedia systems consist of a Blu-ray receiver and a set of loudspeakers.

Video equipment

Pioneer introduces a new generation of multi-channel MCS series media centers

Tim Goethals, Product Planning Manager for Pioneer Europe, says: “Pioneer is placing increasing importance on expanding the switching capabilities of AV equipment. Consumers expect not only the highest-quality playback from home electronics, but also compatibility with a variety of mobile devices to get quick and easy access to their entire music library, as well as network resources. Our new models follow this trend, combining high quality audio and video processing with flexible switching capabilities and a stylish design.”.

Optimized switching

The systems are equipped with a front USB port for easy access to music, video and photo files stored on an external hard drive. In addition, the MCS-838 senior model allows direct digital connection of mobile devices such as iPod, iPhone or iPad. The USB rear input makes it easy to copy data from an external hard disc to another USB drive, and the USB Rec function makes it possible to create high-quality MP3 files from a CD Ripping or FM Tuner recording.

With four HDMI inputs, multimedia systems can work with a variety of digital sources, such as satellite tuner, game console, camcorder, etc. Both systems are equipped with two microphone inputs – for karaoke enthusiasts.

New wireless capability

When connected to the Internet, the Pioneer Media Center opens up a whole new world of possibilities to the user. On-board vTuner lets you enjoy access to thousands of radio stations from around the world. The MCS-838’s Wi-Fi Direct feature lets you stream music and video from your mobile devices, eliminating the need for a wireless router. Videos from YouTube and digital photos stored on Picasa can be displayed on the HDTV via a system connected to the World Wide Web without any additional devices. With the YouTube send to TV app, smartphone or tablet owners can search for YouTube videos from their mobile device, then stream them to the system and play them on their TV. Both models are DLNA-certified which allows them to play audio, video and photo files from a computer or server on the local network.

Further enhances entertainment potential with the free Pioneer ControlApp, which turns your mobile device into the perfect control center. Available from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, or from Special app for Android gadgets can be downloaded from Google

Better sound reproduction

To heighten the 3D movie-viewing experience, Pioneer has developed Front Surround mode and Virtual 3D Sound, which creates a virtual soundfield behind the screen.

Front surround mode eliminates the need for speakers in every corner of the room to reproduce a breathtakingly realistic 360-degree audio scene. The rear speakers can be placed in front of the viewer, next to the TV, and the surround sound effect is preserved.

For those who want to enrich the sound with bass, Bass Boost mode is a simple way to get a great bass from the system.


New models play Blu-ray discs, DVDs, CDs and SACDs, and support the most popular video formats, including Blu-ray 3gp for smartphones, Flash video, DivX Plus HD and MKV. Reads all major audio formats, from WMA to MP3, AAC and lossless codec FLAC.

High power output

The Pioneer multimedia systems come with different sets of speakers to fit in any interior. The main differences between the announced systems MCS-838 and MCS-737 concern the ability to connect the iPhone, iPod and iPad, as well as the Wi-Fi interface and a compact subwoofer: these features are equipped with the first, “older” model. At the same time, both systems have 5.1-channel configuration with 4 floor-standing speakers, a center speaker and a compact subwoofer, and high power output of up to 1000 watts: 4×170 watts + 170 watts center + 170 watts subwoofer .

Availability and pricing

Pioneer MCS-737 Multimedia System goes on sale in July 2013. at a recommended retail price of 15,990 Dollars, and the Pioneer MCS-838 in August 2013. at the price of 19990 Dollars.

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