Maximum vitamins: quick and easy – the Bosch VitaJuice4 MES4000 and MES4010

The perfect combination of traditional German quality and sophisticated technology in the new Bosch VitaJuice4 juicer makes it easy for everyone to make a real juice bar for themselves and their friends and to get energized, good mood and healthy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


High power max. up to 1200 watts makes it easy to chop hard fruits and vegetables, and also speeds up the spinning process.

Large capacity hopper 1.5 l for juice and 3.The 0 liter cake container allows large quantities of fruits and vegetables to be processed.

Ceramic knife and electropolished sieve prevent fibers and pulp from sticking and allow for easy cleaning after use.

Enlarged hopper diameter 84 mm makes it possible to process whole fruit.

Drop-stop system prevents the appearance of juice drops on the work surface after spinning.

The Bosch VitaJuice4 is the ideal choice for health-driven consumers who can’t imagine their mornings without a healthy, juicy fruit or vegetable drink, but are also the perfect choice for anyone who wants to treat themselves and their families to a glass of freshly squeezed juice. Quality technical equipment of the new juicer facilitates preparation of favorite drinks and care of the device, and stylish and modern design allows Bosch VitaJuice4 to become an adornment of any kitchen.

Bosch: The glass is sooner full!

This new product from Bosch not only allows you to get a real vitamin boost without extra effort, but also saves precious time: The Bosch VitaJuice4 juicer is easy to use and even easier to clean!

High-performance motor max. up to 1200 watts allows you to chop even hard fruits and vegetables quickly and efficiently. Thanks to the large filling opening 84 mm diameter you no longer have to slice the ingredients before loading them: you can safely use whole fruit for your favourite multivitamin smoothies. When you want to make a lot of juice for a large group of people, the large capacity of the Bosch VitaJuice4 allows you to do it in one operation: The juicer is supplied with a 1.5 liter container for juice and a 3 liter canister for cake. A special separator that separates the foam from the juice during the brewing process ensures the beverage’s transparency. The drip-stop system ensures that the bench top is always clean after juicing is finished.

The surface of the Bosch VitaJuice4 Juice4 Juicer not only makes the juicing process easy, it is also extremely easy to clean. No more fruit and vegetable pulp getting stuck in the sieve and the ceramic knife only needs to be rinsed with water after use. In addition, the removable parts of the juicer can be washed in the dishwasher. For added safety, the Bosch VitaJuice4 is equipped with SafetyStop, which automatically shuts off the juicer’s motor when the lid is opened. Body and some parts are made of cast aluminium to increase quality and reliability.

Stylish ergonomic design for easy integration in any kitchen. Metal parts and an illuminated speed selector add the finishing touches to this modern and minimalist appliance design.

Further information on the Bosch VitaJuice4 juicer range



Reference Retail Price


Ceramic knife

Electropolished sieve

Motor 1000W


2 speeds

Die-cast aluminium housing

Filling chute and pusher made of plastic

84 mm filling opening

1.5 l juice collector with foam separator

3.0 l canister for cake

Removable parts are dishwasher safe

The Safety Stop function: Motor stops automatically when the lid is opened

8690 Dollars.


Ceramic knife

Electropolished strainer

1200 watt motor


3 speed + ring light

Die-cast aluminum housing

Filling chute with metal appliqué

Pusher with metal appliqué

Soft-coated switch with chrome-plated exterior

Charging hole 84 mm

1.5 l juice collector with froth separator

3.0 l cake container

Removable parts can be washed in the dishwasher

Safety Stop function: stops the motor automatically when the lid is opened

9990 Dollars.

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