Maximum precision, more power and ultimate safety with the new PKS 40 handheld circular saw from Bosch Green

Build a partition around the house, make a window frame or garden furniture – with a cutting depth of up to 40 millimetres and a power of 850 Watt, the new PKS 40 manual circular saw from Bosch Green lets you tackle the most demanding projects. The compact circular saw produces in perfect harmony with your ideas and lets you go beyond the limits of your imagination because the “CutControl” function enables the PKS 40 to always make the planned cutting line with the utmost precision.


Maximum precision, more power and ultimate safety with the new PKS 40 handheld circular saw from Bosch Green

– New compact and lightweight handheld circular saw for maximum precision

– The 850 Watt is powerful enough for the most demanding projects

– Quality saw blade and CutControl feature let you see exactly where you want to cut

– Additional handle above the engine housing for convenience and safety

Powerful, yet lightweight and compact, the 850 watt motor lets you not have to worry about the structure of the tree. Easy adjustment of cutting depth and bevel angle for fast working. The “CutControl” function makes it possible to precisely follow the planned line. At the same time, thanks to the additional handle above the engine housing, even inexperienced users can use the tool. The comfortable grip provides confidence and safety at work.

Precise results without any extra effort

The new PKS hand held circular saw is even more controllable and gives you maximum precision when making cuts on a predetermined line. With “CutControl” you can realize the most ambitious projects for the experienced cutter and no worries about mistakes for the novice cutter. “CutControl” makes it possible to precisely follow the pre-set line from the beginning to the end of the cut with great accuracy. The yet another plus is the intuitive and easy-to-use function with millimetre-accurate adjustment of the cutting depth and bevel angle.

Maximum convenience

Thanks to its compact dimensions and low weight of only 2.6 kg, the PKS 40 is easy to handle. The additional handle above the motor housing with a padded grip area means you don’t have to worry about getting comfortable in the sawing line. A removable dust bag allows the saw to be used indoors by connecting it to a vacuum cleaner. Quick disk changing is ensured by a built-in spindle lock, allowing a new disk to be inserted without fear of misalignment.

The unique combination of power, precision and impressive cutting depths

The new circular saw exceeds the usual scope of functionality with its powerful 850 Watt motor that is both compact and lightweight. With its 130 millimetre-diameter saw blade, this tool can make cuts up to 40 millimetres deep at a 90-degree angle and up to 26 millimetres at a 45-degree angle. Enormous cutting depths and the high output and precision that comes with the “CutControl” technology make the new PKS 40 a reliable and robust machine for even the most demanding tasks.


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    What specific features does the new PKS 40 handheld circular saw from Bosch Green offer to deliver maximum precision, more power, and ultimate safety?

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    The new PKS 40 handheld circular saw from Bosch Green sounds impressive, but I’m curious about its precision, power, and safety features. Can you provide more information on how it ensures maximum precision, increases power, and guarantees ultimate user safety?

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