Massage your spirits: four Beurer gadgets for an effective, relaxing massage

Massage is a very useful procedure that can help in many situations. A massage can help relieve back pain, relax tense muscles, improve your general well-being and the condition of your body. People who spend a lot of time at the computer or work out a lot on the go, should have regular massages. Long, static positions or physical exertion can lead to discomfort in the lower back, back or neck. And the massage routine is also incredibly enjoyable. German brand Beurer offers modern gadgets that can be used to massage yourself even every day, at any time and in any place.


Beurer MG 510 To Go pat massage device

It gives you a deeply relaxing massage and helps you regenerate muscles after physical activity. For this, it is equipped with two functional modes: a pat and pat massage with heat impact. There are five levels of massage intensity and four handy interchangeable attachments with secure threaded attachment: warming, cooling, soft and spotting. This means that everyone can find the most comfortable nozzle for themselves and choose their favorite mode. The device runs on a powerful rechargeable battery, which lasts two hours, provides indication of the presence and level of battery charge. Detachable handle, backlit color display and automatic shutoff make it easy and comfortable to use.


Muscle Massager Beurer MG 180

Due to its ergonomic shape of the body in the form of a gun, a compact massager is very functional and effective. The device helps relieve muscle pain, fatigue, muscle tissue repair, and relieves spasms and suitable for all muscle groups. Thanks to a targeted massage Beurer MG180 helps to activate and regenerate muscles. To this end, the device is equipped with six massage heads for individual use. In addition, the massager helps warm up muscles before training to reduce the risk of injury, and after training – they relax. Comfortable handles allow you to give a comfortable massage on your own. The device has four intensity levels – up to 3,200 pulses per minute. Powerful lithium-ion battery allows you to use the unit autonomously for three hours.


The Beurer MG 100 infrared pat massage device

Five massage speeds, four programs starting, active, energizing, relaxing , two interchangeable massage heads round dented and soft and two heads for pat massage and optional infrared exposure. This device provides everything for effective pressure point or holistic massage. Ergonomic sandblasted aluminum body, non-slip handles and blue illuminated display for easy do-it-yourself use.


Beurer MG 70 infrared massage device

This device provides a deep patting massage for total relaxation. It has a separately activatable infrared heat mode. Its massage intensity is infinitely adjustable plus you can choose from two interchangeable pads, soft or round pads. Removable handle with non-slip, soft-touch surface allows for unassisted massage.

Choosing a model of the massager, keep in mind that full relaxation is guaranteed in any case!

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