MAIN 5 wall hung boilers take up little gas and produce a lot of heat

Boiler MAIN 5 – the fifth generation of wall mounted gas boilers from BAXI S.p.A., A continuation of the well-known in America MAIN series. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the MAIN 5 boiler can easily be installed in all areas with limited space. Digital control panel, common with previous generation boilers, makes checking the boiler operation easy and convenient. Updated draught control system by ionization current and flue gas temperature, providing increased adaptability of the boiler to conditions other than those specified in the standards.

Wall mounted gas boilers

Gas system

  • Continuous electronic flame modulation in heating and domestic hot water
  • Boilers adapted to American conditions. Stable operation when natural gas inlet pressure drops to 4 mbar in the supply voltage range 170-270 V
  • Increased adaptability of the boiler to conditions other than those specified in the regulations
  • Smooth electronic ignition
  • Burner flame spreaders made of stainless steel
  • Can be reconfigured for liquefied gas operation.

Hydraulic system

  • Bithermal heat exchanger
  • Energy saving circulating pump with automatic air vent
  • Float sensor flow of hot water
  • Gauge
  • Automatic bypass
  • Cold water inlet filter
  • Post-circulation pump.

Temperature control

  • Two ranges of temperature regulation in heating system: 35-80°C and 35-45°C floor heating mode
  • Built-in weatherproof automatic possibility of connecting a sensor of street temperature
  • Regulation and automatic maintenance of the set temperature in the heating circuit and DHW
  • Digital temperature display
  • Possibility of connecting a room thermostat and a programmable timer.

Control and safety devices

  • Liquid crystal display with push-button control
  • Electronic protection against scale formation
  • The ability to display a signal on the remote control blocking
  • Ionisation flame control
  • Protection system against pump blocking turns on automatically every 24 hours
  • Safety thermostat against overheating of water in heat exchanger
  • Updated draught control system by ionization current and flue gas temperature with variable capacity fan
  • Pressostat in the heating system – activates in case of insufficient water pressure
  • Pressure relief valve in the heating circuit 3 bar.
  • Anti-frost protection system.

Technical data

Heating and hot water

MAIN 5 14 F

MAIN 5 18 F

MAIN 5 24 F

Max. net heat output


Min. useful heat output


Max. consumed heat power

kW15,0619,4 25,8

Min. consumed heat power

kW7,110,6 10,6

Max. Natural gas LPG flow rate

m3/h kg/h




Max. capacity efficiency

%92,992,9 90,6

Performance efficiency at 30% of power

%90,290,2 90,2

Filling capacity/pressure range for the expansion tank

l/bar6/0,86/0,8 6/0,8

Combustion chamber

shut.close. closed.

Temperature control range in the DHW circuit

oFrom35 – 5535 – 55 35 – 55

Hot water output at &Delta t=25°C

l/min10,3**10,3 13,7

Hot water capacity at &Delta t=35°C

l/min7,4**7,4 9,8

Min. Water consumption in the DHW circuit

l/min22 2

Max./min. pressure in the DHW circuit

bar8/0,158/0,15 8/0,15

Chimney diameter. pipes coax./divided

mm(60-100 /80(60-100 /80 60-100 /80

Max. chimney length. pipes coax./divided

m5/305/30 5/30

Nominal natural gas inlet pressure

mbar13-2013-20 13-20

Electric Power/Voltage

W/V110/230110/230 110/230

Overall dimensions

– height


700700 730
– widthmm400400 400
– depthmm280280 299
Packaging dimensionscm33x83x4833x83x4833x83x48

Net gross weight

kg27/2927/29 27/29
Suggested retail price





* – factory presetting: 18 kW:

** – DHW capacity is 18 kW.

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