Look into the future with GROHE

On March 16, 2021, under the slogan “Look to the Future!” GROHE successfully launches the industry’s first digital GROHE X platform.

grohe X

“GROHE X is a new step in our brand’s history. It opens unprecedented opportunities to learn more about the company, our products and the issues we care about. You can connect to GROHE X anywhere and anytime. Our platform brings people together at a time when we need to stay apart. The positive feedback I have already received from customers all over the world confirms yet again that we made the right decision eight months ago. The digital journey we have embarked on with GROHE X has only just begun. The platform will be constantly evolving. Many thanks to the team that, working remotely, made it all possible. I’m very proud of the courage and proactivity they have shown in bringing GROHE X to life,” said

Jonas Brennwald, LIXIL EMENA Leader and Grohe co-CEO


The gold standard of Cradle to Cradle Certified

cradle to cradle

The highlight of the premiere week was the Cradle to Cradle Certified® certification of 4 GROHE fixtures.

Cradle to Cradle means a continuous closed cycle: products are designed and manufactured in such a way that all or virtually all of their components can be used to create new products after they are finished.

Evaluated on five parameters:

  • the safety of the materials used,
  • recyclability and reusability,
  • Use of renewable energy sources,
  • smart water usage,
  • Being committed to the principles of social justice.

A program for future plumbers


GROHE launches its new GROHE plumbing education and training program GIVE . The company plans to open training and technology classrooms on the basis of specialized educational institutions specializing in “plumbing”, equipped with the products of the brand. Under the guidance of certified trainers and service partners, students are able to become familiar with the company’s products, the installation phases and experience the performance of all products. At the end of the training, students will receive internationally recognized certifications.

GROHE Eurosmart

The company has introduced an updated version of GROHE Eurosmart.

The new generation of faucets has become more versatile:

  • the hybrid model combines the advantages of both conventional and non-contact faucets
  • the hinged grip handles make it easy to grip thanks to its hollow center
  • faucets with extra-long handles are ideal for healthcare facilities because they allow doctors to turn on/off water with their elbow, minimizing contact with surfaces.

    “Before we begin to develop a new product, we want to answer the question: For whom are we developing it?? Human-centered thinking and a deep understanding of people’s needs are key to creating meaningful products designed to improve the daily lives of people around the world. With our innovations we want to respond to social trends and changing needs of mankind. Three key macro trends guide our new products: urbanization, health and well-being, sustainability. Last year, for example, the idea of the bathroom as a wellness or spa center became a hot topic. Consumers were interested in products that would help them breathe an unforgettable experience into their usual bathing rituals and turn the bathroom into a multifunctional space where they can take care of body, mind and soul. Our response to this trend is the new GROHE SPA collection, which includes exclusive products from our portfolio enabling you to enjoy moments of well-being in the bathroom,” says Patrick Speck, Head of Design at LIXIL EMENA.

From March 16 to 18, the GROHE X platform will host a series of outreach events, join grohe-x.com

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