Longer shooting range. Nikon’s new Zoton teleconverters expand photographers’ possibilities

Nikon introduces two Z teleconverters that increase the focal length of compatible NIKKOR Z lenses. TELECONVERTER Z TC-1.4x increases shooting range by up to 40% and TELECOVER Z TC-2.0x – 2x. NIKKOR Z 70-200mm f/2.8 VR S is the first lens model compatible with these teleconverters, but it will not be the last: others will appear as the NIKKOR Z.


Nikon’s advanced optical design delivers sharp, high-resolution images regardless of which of the two teleconverters the photographer uses. The minimum focus distance of the lens remains the same. In addition, the Nikon Z system’s superior autofocus and stunning vibration suppression allow you to achieve the familiar precision and speed. With these teleconverters, you can turn a telephoto zoom lens into a super telephoto lens or increase the shooting range of a fixed focal length lens. And all this will not affect the quality of photos.

Both new Z teleconverters are not afraid of the test. They are reliably protected against dust and moisture and also have a Nikon fluoride coating that protects them from dust and dirt. These teleconverters are made of high-strength, textured anodized aluminum, and their design perfectly matches Nikon’s Z cameras and NIKKOR Z lenses.

Ines Bernardes, marketing manager for Nikon Europe, notes: “Nikon’s new teleconverters make the Nikon Z mirrorless camera system even more versatile. With the introduction of the new NIKKOR Z lenses, the range of applications for Z teleconverters is set to expand. You can capture a dynamic event, animals or natural phenomena in detail without changing lenses.”.


Future plans for expanding the NIKKOR Z lens lineup.

Nikon’s NIKKOR Z lineup will be updated with new lenses with excellent performance that will give photographers more opportunities to realize their creative ideas. NIKKOR Z 14-24mm f/2.8 S and 7 more new lenses to come.

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