Logitech PowerShell+Battery controller completely changes the gameplay on cell phones

Newark, CA – November 20, 2013. – Swiss company Logitech, a leader in innovation for gaming peripherals, today introduced the Logitech PowerShell Controller + Battery, which provides console-type controls for mobile gaming and increases play time on the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, or iPod touch fifth generation . The device is compatible with the iOS 7 platform. Using this first of its kind console for mobile gaming is very simple: you put your iPhone or iPod touch in the controller as if it was an ordinary case. The push-button controls on the Logitech PowerShell Controller are familiar to anyone who has ever used a handheld game console.


The result is a full-screen view of what’s going on in the game, giving you a more immersive mobile gaming experience. And thanks to the convenient shape of the controller, you can play for much longer. Handhelds easily fit in a pocket or small bag, so you can play the most challenging and interesting games at your fingertips.

“We designed a first-of-its-kind controller for true console gaming,” said Etisham Rabbani, general manager of Logitech Gaming Devices. – The ubiquity of mobile gaming our research showed that 87% of iPhone and iPod users play games on their devices has paved the way for a mobile gaming revolution.”.

With the controller attached, full access to the iPhone or iPod touch on/off, sound controls, camera, speakers, headphone jack, and charger port is preserved. In addition, the 1500mAh battery built into the controller adds extra capacity to your iPhone 5S, iPhone 5 or fifth generation iPod Touch. You can charge both power sources without taking your phone out of the controller.

The controller is compatible with an enormous number of the most popular mobile games that take advantage of the new features provided by iOS 7. Among them: Bastion, Fast & Furious 6: The Game, MetalStorm Aces, Galaxy On Fire 2 HD, Nitro – their list is growing. You can purchase games from the Apple App Store.

Logitech PowerShell Controller + Battery will go on sale in America in February 2014 for 4490 Dollars. For more information, visit the gaming website.logitech.com or on our blog.

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