Light and cell phone in a hood

Imagine the following situation: you are baking pancakes, t. e. you can’t leave your stove for a minute. Your cell phone is ringing. You hold the receiver with your shoulder to your ear, trying to hear what your child’s teacher mother-in-law, lover, friend – underline it is saying to you and at this very moment you turn over a hot pancake on a hot pan. Bums! – Your phone falls, and it’s a good thing if it’s on the floor, not in a pan with liquid dough..

It’s an everyday reality. And now let’s imagine another picture. You’re making pancakes, you get a call, you touch the sensor on the hood, and you talk via the built-in Bluetooth module.

The hood automatically switches to a low-noise mode. At the end of the call, the hood switches back to the previously selected mode by itself. Fantastic? No, an accessible reality. Hotpoint-Ariston On Air hoods are already on sale in stores.

The hood becomes an air conditioner. And vice versa.

And not only that… Don’t you think we have a lot of different appliances in our homes? Air conditioning in the room, suction in the kitchen. And it is so fashionable to combine spaces, for example, to make kitchen-living rooms.

Faber also united to create the Clima Hybrid air conditioning hood. As a hood, it draws dirty air into itself and illuminates the work space above the stove or cooktop as an air conditioner it cools or heats the air and can even humidify it! It’s an interesting idea, isn’t it?? But it still exists as a concept.

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